Of art and artists

Holtwaye ArtSpace: Art of the Artists - Fuschia Nightfire
Holtwaye ArtSpace: Art of the Artists – Fuschia Nightfire

Holtwaye ArtSpace is  a new gallery space which opened towards the end of June. Located on the adult-rated region of Holtwaye, the gallery is co-managed by Waynenz, who is also responsible for the beautiful Toru, the Enchanted Forest (and now apparently closed), which I last visited in February 2014, and Holter, who took charge of  curating the gallery’s inaugural exhibition.

Holtwaye ArtSpace: Chuckmatrix Clip (foreground) and Waynenz (rear)
Holtwaye ArtSpace: Chuckmatrix Clip (foreground) and Waynenz (rear)

This opening exhibition features a mix of art, sculpture and media pieces by Tomais Ashdene, Chuckmatrix Clip, Awesome Fallen, Fordis Flores, JJ Goodman, Fuschia Nightfire, Bryn Oh and Wanenz himself, presented in a gallery space which is itself a modern statement of art, designed by WayneNZ.

Holtwaye ArtSpace: Byn Oh's Imogen
Holtwaye ArtSpace: Byn Oh’s Imogen

Fuschia Nightfire’s Art of the Artists perhaps sits as the centrepiece to the exhibition, and requires media streaming to be enabled. Doing so will initiate a machinima created by Nina Chaplin featuring a montage of ever-changing scenes of paintings by Nina of SL art installations featured at the UWA by Claudia222 Jewell, Cherry Manga, Nish Map, Sledge Roffo and Fuschia herself, all of which are played on and through a set built by Fuschia, and set to the music of Obisdia.

Holtwaye ArtSpace: Awesome Fallen's
Holtwaye ArtSpace: El Principio,Awesome Fallen

Bryn Oh presents a mix of images and sculptures from her own installations, and Chuckmatrix Clip also presents a number of his sculptures (do note that some of the works by Chuckmatrix and Bryn are also displayed outside of the gallery building). Awesome Fallen and Tomais Ashdene present two exhibits of images entitled El Principio and Olio respectively. Waynenz has both a display of his own, a selection of digital art using typeface entitled Unleashed, and also teams-up with Fordis Flores and JJ Goodman to present a collaborative digital comic using SL-based photography.

Holtwaye ArtSpace: collaborative digital comic, Fordis, JJ Goodman and Waynenz
Holtwaye ArtSpace: collaborative digital comic, Fordis Floris, JJ Goodman and Waynenz

This is a fascinating inaugural exhibition for what is, as I’ve mentioned, a very stylish and engaging gallery which makes fabulous use of space to present series of exhibit areas suited to a variety of uses. I look forward to further visits in the future.

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