SL project updates week 26/2: group chat

Server Deployments Week 26 – Recap

  • On Tuesday June 24th, the Main channel was updated with the inventory / AIS v3 project, previously deployed to BlueSteel, which requires the current release viewer. See the release notes for more
  • On Wednesday June 25th, the three RC channels were updated as follows:
  • BlueSteel and LeTigre received a new server maintenance project with the new LSL functions to view and modify materials (see my notes) – release notes
  • Magnum remains on the Experience Tools project, but should additionally receive the inventory / AISv3 update deployed to the Main channel – release notes

Group Chat

Simon Linden is again working on improving group chat, with further tests being carried out during the Server Beta meeting on Thursday June 26th. Currently, the emphasis is on further improving reliability when engaged in group chat and moving between regions (either via teleport or directly by crossing between regions). A couple of people reported their chat windows appeared to freeze a lot less when switching between group chat sessions or following a teleport. Whether this was actually the case or a placebo effect is unclear, as Simon indicated he couldn’t see why it might be any different at this point in proceedings.

Other Items

Magnum llAttachToAvatarTemp Bug

An odd bug has been discovered on Magnum, which may be related to the Experience Tools code. It is defined in BUG-6438, “Objects attached via llAttachToAvatarTemp to object owner detach when script is removed from prim inventory”.

Essentially, using a script in an object which uses llAttachToAvatarTemp to attach an item to attach itself to the creator of the object, and which uses llRemoveInventory(llGetScriptName()) to remove the script from the object, results in the object itself detaching and being deleted. If the object is used by someone other than its creator, it will attach and the script will be correctly removed without detaching the object as well. It’s not clear if this happens with objects with multiple scripts in them or not, as it has only been tested against objects with the temp attach script in them.

Investigations are continuing into a fix, but in the meantime, it is believed that the Magnum code won’t be moving to the Main channel in week 27.

 ALM and Viewer Log Spamming

There is a viewer rendering issue, which can make itself particularly known when using the LSL functions for materials, where the face of an object will not be rendered, and the viewer will receive a lot of log spam (see BUG-6187). While things got sidetracked so he couldn’t expand on things, Maestro Linden did indicated at the Server Beta meeting that the issue is continuing to be looked at.