RFL silent art auction, The Arts Castle

The Team Relay Wizards for SpUnKy RFL of Sl Silent Art Auction

Underway now through until June 28th at The Arts Castle, Cor unum, is an RFL silent art auction organised by Team Relay Wizards for SpUnKy.

On offer are over two dozen works of art from SL artists including Bryn Oh, Feathers Boa, Littleone Aries, Kake Broek, Graye Ashbourne and more.

The artwork is set-out alongside a spiral ramp leading up from the arrival point to a platform floating over the castle and which contains a number of sculpture pieces also in the auction. To bid on any item, touch the RFL display panel alongside it, and say your bid on channel /67.

By Dr. Fran Babcock
Bike by Kake Broek