SL project updates week 26/1: server, viewer, Content Creation UG

Server Deployments Week 26

Main (SLS) Channel

On Tuesday June 24th, the Main channel was updated with the inventory / AIS v3 project, previously deployed to BlueSteel, which requires the current release viewer. See the release notes for more.

Release Candidate Channels

On Wednesday June 25th, the three RC channels should be updated as follows:

  • BlueSteel and LeTigre should receive a new server maintenance project with the new LSL functions to view and modify materials (see my notes) – release notes
  • Magnum remains on the Experience Tools project, but should additionally receive the inventory / AISv3 update deployed to the Main channel – release notes

SL Viewer Updates

The release viewer updated on Monday June 23rd to version (formerly the SL Share 2 RC – ability to upload Tweets and snapshots to Twitter and / or snapshots to Flickr).

The Group Ban project viewer updated to version on Tuesday June 24th.

Other SL viewers remain as per my Current Viewer Releases page.

Content Creation User Group

The regular Monday Content Creation User Group meetings came to an end on Monday June 23rd. Also at the meeting, as he has been for the past few weeks, doubtless getting up-to-speed with things as a part of his new role in heading-up the SL development team, Oz Linden indicated content creation issues could in future be raised at either the Simulator User Group meeting (which generally has a strong cross-over of attendees with the Content Creation UG meeting) or the Open Development meeting.

Commenting on the change to the meeting, Nyx said:

I’m moving on to other projects and haven’t been able to keep up with the details of content creation tasks as well as I used to be able to … I’ll still be inworld from time to time, and will be helping Oz whenever any avatar issues come up or with any other pieces where I can assist of course.

Whether this can be taken to mean Nyx is moving on to the new platform project is open to speculation. However, that the Content Creation meeting has now ended as an entity in its own right should not be seen as any indication that the Lab is starting to raise the drawbridge. Meetings over the pass few months have, for the most part, had a low attendance (with occasional sharp rises), and opportunities remain to discuss issues in other venues.

Experience Tools

Thanks to my getting a bullet point in the wrong place in my overview of Experience Tools, the article gave the impression that whitelisting experiences on mainland would only be possible with grid-wide experiences. This has been corrected. Experiences can be run at the parcel level on the mainland.