Dryland: closing down


Dryland, Anita Wit’s full region art gallery, is to close.

Over the years, Dryland has been the home to a range of remarkable and entertaining exhibitions, and has been a popular destination for photographers and machinima makers.

My own first visit to the region was relatively late in the day, December 2012, even so I was immediately struck by the desolate splendour of the place. My last visit was in November 2013, for Ziki Questi’s Lost Second Life, which is still on display in the rear part of the gallery.


Anita has given notice of the closure in a snapshot posted to her Flickr stream. In it, she explains her reasons for letting the region go, and passes on her thanks to all who have been involved in the region as artists exhibiting their work, as photographers and machinima makers, and as patrons and visitors.


There is no set date for the closure, although Anita is looking to the latter half of March, advising those wishing to avail themselves of Dryland:

I thought I’d give you all a fair warning in case you have photos or machinimas to make that requires a Dryland background, or if you’d just like to hang out one last time before it’s all gone.


I’d like to add my voice to all those who are passing on thanks to Anita for all of her work in developing the region and curating so many exhibitions there. Dryland will be missed.

With thanks to Caitlin Tobias.


6 thoughts on “Dryland: closing down

  1. Yes, i did find this sim not long ago and it is a lovely and missed one soon;(
    When Do LL realize that they could offer a option, before a sim closes, if made by woner request, to save its Oar and then upload it to a data base, for a reasonable period of time, allowing any to buy and then request the uload, so some of the most amazing sims will be surviving even if changing owners!


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