Paint it purple: RFL of SL update

RFL of SL 2014 logo by Sunshine Zhangsun
RFL of SL 2014 logo by Sunshine Zhangsun

Saturday February 8th marks the opening of RFL of SL team registrations and the start of Paint SL  Purple campaign.

Those wishing to enter a team into this year’s RFL activities can register here. When registering, please note the following from the RFL of SL wesbite on team registrations:

Please keep in mind that fundraising tools will not be distributed immediately, but our Team Coaches will contact you after you register. We also plan to host some Team Captain Trainings again this year.  We encourage all Captains (rookies & veterans) to attend.  We’ll explain some of the changes for 2014, as well as provide an understanding of who to go to for various questions throughout the year.  There will be plenty more valuable information at these trainings; please plan to attend.

Details on the training will be announced soon.

Paint SL Purple is the campaign to raise awareness of RFL of SL throughout the grid, and to build excitement about the upcoming events of the season.  This year, Paint SL Purple runs through until the Kickoff weekend on Saturday March 8th and Sunday March 9th. Again, to quote from the RFL of SL blog:

So, make sure you find all your purple clothes, hair, accessories, and even skin!  Plant purple trees on your land, paint your walls purple, color your grass purple, and hang purple signs, banners, streamers, flags, and balloons.  Be sure to tell anyone who asks, “why all the purple?” that it’s for Relay For Life and invite them to learn more and possibly join the Relay family!

Dwen Dooley has put out a video on RFL of SL, covering some of the new / changed elements in this year’s RFL of SL activities and infrastructure.

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