In the company of Kats

Kats - Love Kats, February 2014Kats, Love Kats

Love Kats is the home of Kats – knowledge acquired through simulation. It a quite lovely Mediterranean-themed full region operated by Kat Chauveau. It’s a place I’ve been meaning to drop-in on for a while, and I’m glad I finally had a little time to do so, albeit as a flying visit.

Roughly a third of the region is given over to a small hilltop village with charming houses / shops huddled together and served by narrow, cobbled footpaths, with terraces and squares offering places to sit, eat, dance or simply enjoy the sun.  The shops look like they are intended for rent, each having a “logo” sign hanging outside the doorway, although it’s not clear if they are “on the market”, so to speak, as yet.

Kats - Love Kats, February 2014Kats, Love Kats

Follow the path down from one of the terraces, and you’ll find yourself in more open countryside, through which a spring-fed stream meanders before tumbling down a rocky cliff next to a broad ribbon of beach. If you stay on the foot path, you can either climb up a hill facing the village or descend down to a small quayside where sits a Canadian tramp steamer. From here, the beach can be reached via another foot path and short tunnel.

The beach offers places to wander and sit or dance and ships and boats sit out on the water and a lighthouse gives warning of a low, rocky natural breakwater sitting just offshore.

Kats - Love Kats, February 2014Kats, Love Kats

I’m not sure quite where the “knowledge acquired through simulation” comes into things; the region is connected with an real-life organisation called ComplyEx, which describes itself as providing “an innovative way to achieve in-depth understanding of learning and development” through its “3D virtual space”. There are a number of courses listed on the website, but it’s not clear from a quick examination as to whether they are actively taught within the region.

With or without the learning aspects, Kats is a lovely place to visit, offering itself to a wide range of windlight settings as well as many photo opportunities. For those wanting a little time with a friend, there’s also the dancing, as well as the tables and dining areas found in the terraces offering places to sit and talk. Or if you prefer, you can look down at the steamer and imagine the journeys it has made and the places it has seen. The choice is yours!

Kats - Love Kats, February 2014Kats, Love Kats

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