I must go down to the sea again …

For the almost a year now, I’ve been living entirely in my Linden Home – and enjoying it. As regulars know, I shopped around for the house I wanted in terms of theme (Tahoe) and layout, and while you can’t pick your location, you can at least move regularly in order to find a nice spot. I was fortunate: I lucked out and gained the house style I wanted and in an area I liked, with a river nearby, first time.  It’s been more than enough for me, and I didn’t think I’d move back to a private estate – not so long as I had a Premium account, at least.

New home...
New home…

Then I discovered the joys of sailing, boating and flying, and in doing so gradually fell in love with the regions in and around Blake Sea – the Honah Lee islands, Second Norway, the Nautilus coast and canals, and so on.  So much so, that I’ve ducked and dived from time to time looking at land in the greater Blake Sea area and trying to determine if I really wanted to make a move.

Well, long story short, I have.

The house set in its new locale, looking across the rock "patio" to the house proper, with the lounge visible. "Lady of Calas" sits at the dock.
The house set in its new locale, looking across the rock “patio” to the house proper, with the lounge visible. “Lady of Calas” sits at the dock.

Thanks to Nber Medici, I’ve acquired a nice parcel of land which is ideally suited to my needs. Located in the north-east corner of a themed island, it gives me complete access to the waterways around it, and also to Blake Sea, together with more than enough room to put up a house, have a dock and moor my E-Tech Sparrow Lady of Calas.  I’ve only just moved in, and am still working on bits (hence why no major blog articles so far today!), but I think things are coming together nicely.

The "Lady of Calas" from the lounge
The “Lady of Calas” from the lounge

House-wise, I’ve opted to use the rock-top house which I talked about back in January 2012, and which was featured as a setting for advertising some of Ample Clarity’s PrimPossible range of furnishings. I chose the house as it fits the broad theme of the estate, it’s a build I like (if I say so myself), and the textures I used in it are perfect for materials (and once again, a huge hug to Max Graf for putting me right on specular maps :)). I’ve only just started fiddling with adding materials, so it is liable to be a while before the place looks respectable in that regard.

And the house from "Lady of Calas"
And the house from “Lady of Calas”

The great thing about the location, besides being a corner plot, on a themed estate, with access to Blake Sea … OK, one of the great things 🙂 … is that I’m only a hop and skip from Hollywood Airport, so it’s fine and dandy for me flying-wise as well.  I’d actually like to have the (non-flying) display model of my Spitfire out on the land – but the covenant requests aircraft aren’t permanently rezzed; so I’ll be foregoing that. Not that I’m complaining; as much as I enjoyed my Linden Home, I’m already appreciating having a garden and space outdoors to wander around in again, so have planted some trees to give the place extra character and which compensate for the lack of flying machine display :).

I'm quite fond of this open-plan design, and it seems to fit the theme of the estate
I’m quite fond of this open-plan design, and it seems to fit the theme of the estate

Hmm…. I wonder if I fiddle around a bit more, whether I could create a little space to moor my sailboat as well :).

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun here :).

...and of course, whither I go, so goes my piano ...
…and of course, whither I go, so goes my piano …

19 thoughts on “I must go down to the sea again …

  1. Welcome to our sims! Your house looks great! By the way, I’m working on making the central area more park-like and am going to be adding more artwork. You might want to put on your scuba gear or your mer avatar and visit the central lagoon.


    1. Thank you – and thanks for sorting things out :).

      I’ve got scuba gear … somewhere…!

      If any of my “artwork” might be of interest, give me a poke. It’s mostly all up on Flickr.


  2. From someone trying to do the same, congratulations. I’ve been tempted to move to one of the private sims around the Blake Sea too, but there’s some resistance deep within me because their covenant rules look a little bit “tough” for me: not able to do changes to the landscape myself (that being my SL hobby), which is common to all of them for more than obvious reasons, having a house reviewed before I could use it (maybe not the case in Honah Lee, idk), and then some. But then, sailing around all those rentals along the Nautilus coast serves to prove those rules a necessity 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be able to overcome that resistance and move in.


    1. I’ll be honest, it was the convenants in several places I looked at which put me off. I’m like you, I like modding the land I’m on – generally to add water features, but can forego that here.

      Nber’s convenant is pretty relaxed and clear, and you know what to expect before committing. That’s what attracted me, yes, there is the commitment to the theme of the regions, but that again is an attraction (for me); I’ve missed being a part of a broader community for quite a while, so am looking forward to times here.

      Hope you can overcome your resistance; I’ve only been here a day, and am loving it.

      Having open access to water and the airport not that far away makes things a treat – I can take the boat to the airport, put it in my pocket, take out my plane, fly, land, than swap pockets for the boat again :).


      1. Putting things that big in Your pockets would perhaps necessitate a name change to… Guybrush Threepwood. He used to stuff shovels, swords, even cooking pots and red herrings in there. 😉


      2. Oh, I do occasionally allow people to do their own terraforming. I need to think that they can do a good job of it though. I also will terraform for people within reason.


  3. “I’m not asking you, Lieutenant Berg,” said the Commander. “Throw on the power lights! Rev her up to 8500! We’re going through!” The pounding of the cylinders increased: ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa.

    Dangerous things, pockets, you never know what you may find there.


    1. Sadly, when I have them available to me RL, it’s mostly carpet fluff and cat hair … However, methinks there is a story about the Commander and Lt. Berg hidden there ;-).


  4. Welcome to the joys of living near the sea:) If you by accident need to Land at Honaah lee airport, look for a island with the Bay city flag swinging at the wind. Its open to all , as per covenant rules and ours as well (all our homes but our private sim are open to adult verified and with payment info on account! = We only have them at M or A regions, btw!) and feel free to visit!


  5. And about convenant rules, i do belive that on Blake Sea all them make sense, perhaps i could disagree with the fact we can’t show any sign of nudity bellow 450m , being M regions, but i can understand and i abid by that.
    And the rule that makes all sims be open to any that wishes to cross them, not allowing orbs that cover more then the home or not allowing them at all, nor any skybox below 450m (i would make it up to 2000 m, btw), that is the common covenant rule (plus with some others that we can only agree fully, like if you are on a thematic water region, build accordingly and so on!) makes a lot of sense!
    That’s the biggest appeal of private states, to manage a set of rules that allow not only the residents but the visitors to enjoy in all reasonable freedom, the beauties that they can offer!
    Now, we also have several homes on Mainland and I do believe that most there, even if without any rule but the Tos to follow, try to follow the best they can 3 easy ones!

    Make your land open to all when not in need of some privacy, ensuring they are adult verified and have payment info on account if On M or A regions!

    Avoid security orbs, even if one can buy the Ban line hud = explorer hud, to escape from them, LL provided tools on about land that make sure if you need some privacy, you can have it at any time, just unchecked avatars can see and speak and make the region private acess for the time you need, then let it be open again, on about land tab!

    Make sure any skybox is higer then 1024 m as same viewers allow a draw distance of that range, 450m is enough but i do think the higer you build a sky box, the better for all! and with the end of the need to fly assist there are no more excuses to go bellow 500 m at least!

    Yes Mainland is all about freedom but also common sense, that luckily seems to rule where we have out homes!


    1. This is beyond the post’s original scope, but there should be some sort of “educational campaign” to let mainland residents and especially rental service owners know that unchecking “Avatars on other parcels can see and chat with avatars on this parcel” is a more effective way of privacy than the huge walls and privacy screens they still use extensively. Demolishing all those walls and their privacy myth will do mainland a big aesthetic favor 🙂 And I agree on the 2000m for skyboxes.


  6. Love the house, and that boat, i need to take a closer look at that. I have looked, and looked so many times. Having my own private estate though I have never taken the plunge. I do love flying, Hollywood to Honah Lee to Prefabrica was where I learned to fly. I love sailing and boating as well. The inability to terraform and restrictions on landscaping around Blake have been a huge turn off for me as well. I think though that the TP factor, it is pretty fast for me to get to Hollywood, is always the deciding factor.


    1. Hey, Sean!

      Thanks for the feed back on the house. Have sinece added materials to the stonework studios, and they do bright it to life in the right windlight!

      As to the boat, it’s a E-Tach Sparrow, available on the Marketplace and in-world. I gave the low-down on mine just after I picked one up. Good chance we’ll pass one another in the air; it’s been a while since I’ve flown to prefabrica, so might have to take a trip soone. If not, I’ll doubtless be loitering somewhere around Hollywood or Honah Lee :).


  7. Yes, that ill do for sure this weekend, and i do hate teleports, lol! When one has the any but the only choice to travel on a myriad of open sim grids, to use teleport, , to be able to cross sims on a vehicle makes all the difference (and the reason for not being fully on kittely, cloud party or any other virtual world but SL!).
    Sooner a ferryboat will be able to link Sansara to Athol continent and i’m glad that Linden Lab is starting to understand that travelling without the need to teleport is one of the Aces against competition!


  8. Ohhh happy new home home Inara! Bear takes me sailing thru the Blake Sea area all the time, and there are such lovely spots. We love the islands with the nautical themes, and have considered them several times for us too. (Love the piano on the deck, too.) Enjoy!


  9. The free jolly boat really sails well, i was astonished how the Bwind engine works so smooth on that small 19th century boat, or perhaps Sunday’s crossing sims are way better now!


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