A small update

Well, it took longer to finish-off than I’d hoped, so apologies to anyone who may have noticed things chopping and changing over the last few days with menu items and sidebar widgets appearing and vanishing. Things should be more-or-less done now.

So what’s happened?

In short, the sidebar on the right of my blog pages has been cleaned-up, with the link lists far more organised than before. The search options have been rationalised, with revised categories and tags which should make it a lot easier to find info, both via the sidebar and through the links at the foot of each post. I’ve kept the tag cloud towards the bottom of the sidebar rather than up with the rest of the search options, as I think it can be a bit of an eyeful, as useful as it might be for finding articles.

Up at the top of each page is a hugely updated menu system. With nigh-on 2,000 articles in this blog, I hope this will make it easier to access information quickly, and when used with article tags allow you to drill down to specific items more easily.

News menus - hopefully an easier means of finding article categories
News menus – hopefully an easier means of finding article categories

Hopefully the headings are straightforward enough, and I’ve tried to organise things as reasonably / logically as possible through the use of sub-menus. Where these occur, note that clicking on their “parent” item will display all the topics for all of the sub-menu items (so if you click on SL Viewer in the Viewers menu, you’ll get all the articles SL Viewer Updates and SL Viewer Reviews combined).

Anyway, have a play and see what you think. Hopefully I’ve captured everything, but do be aware there still might be the odd tweak here and there over the next few days.

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