Server-side Appearance to go live across the grid August 20th/21st

A blog post has appeared from the Lab announcing that Project Sunshine – otherwise known as Server-side Appearance (or Baking as was), and a part of the Project Shining initiative – will go live across the grid this week.

The blog post doesn’t provide any date(s) by which this will occur, however Nyx Linden has confirmed that:

  • The Main channel will have Server-side Appearance (SSA) enabled following the server deployments on Tuesday August 20th
  • BlueSteel and LeTigre will have SSA enabled following the Release Candidate deployments on Wednesday August 21st (as Magnum is currently the only channel with SSA enabled).

So, if you haven’t already updated to an SSA-capable viewer, you have less than 24 hours in which to do so before you start seeing a lot of avatars failing to render correctly.

Currently, all maintained TPV viewers with the exception of Dolphin (V3-style) and Imprudence (V1-style) support SSA rendering of avatars.

Commenting on the upcoming enabling, Nyx Linden said:

We have stats that show that it should speed up avatar loading time for everyone, so hopefully it will go smoothly and be a great improvement across the grid.

As with previous blog-posts on the subject, the Lab have included a viewer of the new service and what it means.

So, as the video says, “Don’t be cloudy and grey, enjoy Sunshine today!”

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3 thoughts on “Server-side Appearance to go live across the grid August 20th/21st

  1. very happy to see this happen thought it does mean that I will lose functionality behind my companies firewall as there is a proxy issue that prevents those machines working with SSA. Despite that, I am happy to see this go live, its about time.


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