UWA Centenary Art Challenge and 6th Machinima Challenge winners announced

On Monday August 5th, the University of Western Australia (UWA) announced the winners of both its Centenary 3D Art Challenge and the 6th UWA Machinima Challenge. All told, both competitions saw a total of L$1.7 million on offer for the winners, of which some L$65,000 was on offer to members of the public participating in the judging.

As always, the entries came from all around the globe, with 64 pieces submitted to the 3D Art Challenge, in which artists were tasked with creating a piece of 3D art which fits the theme of the challenge, and to do so using no more than 150 prims (LI 150). The theme was that of “Reflections”, in recognition of the fact that the UWA is itself celebrating 100 years of existence and pondering on what the next 100 years might bring.

The first prize of L$100,000 went to Australian artist Glyph Graves, and his piece, I Thought I Hated Him. described by the artist as “a romance of the old style pulp paper book variety”, and also a “dance piece, one conducted between the New York Stock Exchange composite index and The Shanghai Stock Exchange composite index.”

I Thought I Hated Him by Glpyh Graves, winner of the UWA's Centenary 3D Art Challenge
I Thought I Hated Him by Glyph Graves, winner of the UWA’s Centenary 3D Art Challenge (image courtesy of UWA)

In it, two figures dance a dance of cautious passion, with both the moves and the music generated by the interaction of the New York Stock Exchange (the male character) and the Shanghai Stock Exchange (the female character). The characters, move towards or away from each other depending upon the “price” of their index, a reflection of the desires, thoughts and wants of the millions who trade on these markets.

The 6th Machinima Challenge similarly saw 64 entries from around the world, which was held on the same theme of Reflections, which the original challenge announcement described as:

Reflections in a pool of water… Reflections of light… Reflecting on the grandeur of the universe… Reflections of art…. An Inner Reflection…..Reflecting on opportunities lost, or seized… How ‘Reflections’ is interpreted is exactly like how beauty is interpreted…. in the eyes of the beholder… or in this case, the eyes and lens of the machinimatographer.

The video awarded the L$200,000 first prize came from Vilvi Rae of Finland, ending Tutsy Navarathna’s 3-year run as “defending champion”. Vilvi’s piece, Past I Beyond is described by Jon Stubbs, Director of UWA’s Student Services as “a hauntingly beautiful future fantasy autobiography that explores past choices and what lies beyond. Beautifully filmed: 5 stars from the judging panel!”

Tutsy’s own piece, Narcissus,  was awarded the second prize of L$150,000.

The full list of all prizes winners in both challenges can be found in the UWA blog post. In addition, FreeWee Ling has put together a superb on-line exhibition catalogue for the 3D Art Challenge, and the pieces themselves can be enjoyed for a while longer by visiting the exhibition space at UWA. Links to the winning machinima can also be found in the UWA blog post, while all of the entries to this year’s Machinima Challenge can be found on Aview TV.

Fruit of Time by Rebeca Bashly, one of my personal choices in the 3D Art Challenge
Fruit of Time by Rebeca Bashly, joint 8th prize winner, and one of my personal choices in the 3D Art Challenge

Audience Participation 1st Prize Winners

The first prizes in the audience participation competitions for each of the challenges went to Gisle89G (L$7,000) for the 3D Centenary Arts competition and Karima Hoisan (L$15,000) for the Machinima Challenge competition. In addition to the cash prizes, both will receive real-life prizes and offered the chance to be on the judging panel for the next art and machinima challenges.  The full lists of audience participation winners are again available in the UWA blog post.

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