Missed one of LL’s SL10B gifts? You can still grab them in-world

As a part of the SL10B celebrations, the Lab offered a line of limited offer gifts to residents through in-world vending machines: varsity jackets, teddy bears, furnished homes, etc. These were offered on a time limited as well as a limited number basis.

However – if you missed any of them, you can in fact still claim them from any of the vendors scattered around the SL10BCC regions (and possibly elsewhere, if there are any). Simply find a vendor and click on its right side to scroll through all of the available gifts. Any you haven’t already got will be automatically offered to you, which you can accept or reject.

The SL10B varisty-style jacket available in-world
The SL10B varsity style jacket available in-world in both male and female styles, and with or without t-shrits

The list of gifts comprises (as far as I can tell – the order from the vendors is random:

  • SL10B Women’s Varsity jacket
  • SL10B Women’s Varsity jacket with t-shirt
  • SL10B Men’s Varsity jacket
  • SL10B Men’s Varsity jacket with t-shirt
  • SL10B Jumbo Cupcake
  • SL10B bear avatar (also available on the SL Marketplace)
  • SL10B Teddy Male
  • SL10B Teddy Boy
  • SL10B Teddy Girl
  • SL10B Teddy Female
  • SL10B Teddy Baby
  • SL10B Hold Teddy Male
  • SL10B Hold Teddy Girl
  • SL10B Hold Teddy Boy
  • SL10B Hold Teddy Female
  • SL10B Teddy with Bottle
  • SL10B rare fireworks (also available on the SL Marketplace)
  • SL10B Furnished House

All offers end at 23:59 LST on the 30th June (although the SL10BCC regions close before then). Vendors themselves can be found at places like SL10B Pizzazz and SL10B Enchant, and may well be available elsewhere on the grid – I confess, I’ve not looked.

In addition, the SL10B t-shirts in both mesh and clothing layer forms, the mesh baseball cap and SL10B party pack remain available on the SL Marketplace for those who missed them.