SL10BCC: ut cum gaudio A’stra

I’ve already posted a couple of pieces on the main stage at this year’s SL10B Community Celebrations. However, such the the work of Toady and Flea, that I couldn’t help but get snap-happy as I explored this utterly amazing build. Not even issues with my PC could keep me away!

With press day upon us, and the celebrations due to kick-off on Sunday 16th, I couldn’t resist putting some of the shots I’ve grabbed together into a video piece. Hope you enjoy (best viewed at 720p)!

In appreciation of all of Flea’s and Today’s hard work in bringing this incredible design to life.

P.S. I really should add that not all the secrets on, around and inside A’stra are shown here. These are simply some of my favourite elements of the build; there are more to discover and see – and doubtless some I’ve yet to discover myself!


2 thoughts on “SL10BCC: ut cum gaudio A’stra

    1. Ta.

      It’s possibly the most imaginative build / installation I’ve seen it SL. Already deserves to become a part of SL’s preserved history. Mystical, historical, whimsical, magical, touching – A’stra is all this and more. Every time I’m on the SL10BCC regions, I find myself drawn to it and exploring it and discovering more little touches.


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