End of time for Alpha and Omega?

Two of my favourite builds in Second Life were Alpha Point and Omega Point. Developed by Masoon Ringo and Sweetlemon Jewell, these two regions were fabulous and intricate places to visit, offering stunning sci-fi and fantasy oriented builds both on the ground and in the sky overhead.

Nor were they static; Masoon and Sweetlemon periodically re-worked both Alpha Point and Omega Point in order to keep them fresh, interesting and well worth repeated visits.

Alpha Point and Omega Point, circa 2011
Alpha Point and Omega Point, circa 2011

Now it seems both have gone from Second Life.

I was first alerted to their disappearance earlier in the week by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt, who pinged me in-world to see if I knew what had happened. On checking the map, I discovered that both Alpha and Omega Points were coming up as “Not Found”. Remembering what had happened to the International Space Museum a couple of years ago, when both regions slipped off the map as a result of a payment mix-up on the part of the region holders, I dropped Sweetlemon a line to find out what had happened – but I’ve yet to receive a reply.

Today, I received an offline IM from another in-world friend, who had apparently heard the news that not only have the regions gone, but Masoon Ringo has departed SL. If this is true, then it may well mean that both Alpha Point and Omega Point have gone for good, which is a great shame because the regions were so well known to, and enjoyed by, a lot of people in Second Life.

Alpha Point and Omega Point circa 2012
Alpha Point and Omega Point circa 2012

Assuming both regions have now permanently passed into the annals of SL history, here’s a slide show of my last visit to them in 2012. It’s a little lengthy, I know, but as I said, both regions packed-in a lot to see.

(Click here to see the slideshow full-screen)

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