Fantasy Faire: the Key of Hope

Update April 27th: There has been a slight hitch with the Key of Hope. A note from Fantasy Faire co-ordinator Elizabeth Tinsley reads: “The agents of the Unweaver have struck a mighty blow, forcing a lull in the fight against the Demon Prince Val’Baan. But the fight will resume! In short (and OOC) there are some technical issues we need to address, and Madpea tell us that we should be ready to reopen in a few days. But do not fear! The Valley of Ish’Nar will remain on the Grid and the hunt will be open until the end of Sunday 19th May.”

‘Find us our champions,’ she said, ‘That we may remain safe another century. Call those of heart, and courage, and strength. Send to me those who would stand for what is right, and who do not fear the labour and the pain of that standing.

“‘Send me heroes.’

“The call was raised, and those of such a stature answered. They came to the Fairelands, to the Junction, and set out upon their quest…”

The Valley of Ish'Nar
The Valley of Ish’Nar

The Key of Hope is a special hunt devised by MadPea Productions and Fantasy Faire which is now running across all eight of the Fantasy Faire regions, and a specially commissioned region – the Valley of Ish’Nar.  It is the prologue to a much wider, grid-wide hunt, which will be running through until the 19th May 2013.

Key of Hope Hunt - The Valley of Ish'Nar
Key of Hope Hunt – The Valley of Ish’Nar

In the first two parts of the hunt, players must seek eight items scattered across the eight Fairelands regions, which together will form a Talisman which will allow them entry into the Valley of Ish’Nar and the second stage of their quest. Successful completion of this part of the hunt will both reward players with “memories and mementos” of their travels and also set them on their way for the grid-wide Final Chapter of the hunt, which promises some very special prizes for the heroes and heroines who persevere.

KoH-1Those heeding the call for heroes set out in the Prologue (beautifully voiced by Zander Greene – someone I could quite possibly listen to all day, even were he reading the telephone directory, just listen to the video below) will need to obtain a hunt HUD from any of the HUD vendors, which will cost L$100 (all proceeds from sales of the HUD go directly to the RFL of SL coffers as a part of the overall fund-raising).

Once you have the HUD, players must proceed to the Bard Queen’s camp, north of Lumenaria, there to read the letter from the Bard Queen and commence their quest.

Full instructions on how to play can be found on the Fantasy Faire website.

The Final Chapter of the hunt started on April 25th – and as mentioned, runs through until May 19th. So even if you have not yet participated in the quest, there is still time. And what better way to spend you on-line weekend than coming to the aid of the Bard Queen, seeking valuable rewards and helping RFL of SL in the progress?

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