Fantasy Faire: under the DragonSpire and over the Crimson Field

DragonSpire. The very name caused me to shiver, despite the warm sun on my back. A place of legends dark and old; where people say drows and goblins and dwarves and nixies all dwell together hording the wealth of the unwary and waylaying innocent travellers in the name of the dragon lord.

It was not a place I wanted to pass through, but like it and the lands beyond, I had no choice if I wished to succeed in my quest. For the only way to reach the great hall of the Royales lay through the dark tunnels of DragonSpire and then onward through the ruins of the Crimson Fields. So, with trepidations in my heart, I looked up at the westering sun one last time, adjusted the pack upon my back, and stepped into the winding tunnel which lead down to the realm of the dragon lord…

And drows I did find. And dwarves and nixies and goblins and all. But the tales did not do them, nor their great dragon lord justice. For beneath the barren rock plains of DragonSpire lay a vast kingdom, rich in ores and crystals and where bright, clear waters splashed and feel through channels and falls, joining with the laughter of folk who only waylaid travellers by offering them goods and provisions to buy and offering a warm hearth and filling meal in return for a good tale or two of the goings-on in the world. Even the drows, tall and dark-robed, were fair of heart and generous of soul, offering many a spell and potion to assist a traveller on their way.


Unless you have seen the tunnels and caverns of DragonSpire yourself, you cannot imagine the wonders of this underground city, where the sun rarely sunshine, and yet where grow bright flower and fungi, softening the hard walls and adding a natural warmth wherever they grow, and where great crystals are prized not because of their worth, but because of their colour and light.

I should have liked to stay longer with these strange but friend folk of the underground, but my time was short, and I knew I still hade far to go before I would draw nigh to the palaces of Magnificat. So it was, after many a fair trade, well-provisioned for the rest of my journey, I emerged from the caverns of DragonSpire at the very edge of the mountains under which they lay, to find myself on the very edge of the Crimson Fields.

The Crimson Fields! Here it is said that long ago, the last of the line of knightly order, together with his companions, faced down his mortal enemy as both strove to reach and understand the secrets which lay within a great stone tower. Who knows is the legend is true; but a tower does indeed rise from the plains, and is surrounded by the remnants of an ancient city, the buildings all roof-less, with time-eroded stone walls entwined in overgrown rose thorns. Between them and the great tower, and surrounding it on all sides lay a great field of blood-red roses which rippled under the breeze and filled the air with a heady scent.

Crimson Fields
Crimson Fields

In my culture, flowers of red are oft used in remembrance of those who has passed from this life, and so this sea of red, tho it be filled with the cruel tips of thorns ready to snag and cut the unwary, gave me pause to consider all those who had fought their fight against their own mortal enemies within, and who had passed into the next realm. They were the reason for my journey, and the reason so many sought to visit the wonders of Lumenaria, Evensong Woods, Titan’s Hollow, DragonSpire and more.

And so it was that I following the path down from the caves of DragonSpire and onto aged footpaths of this broken and ancient city, joining with others who also tarried here on their own journeys and pilgrimages, and lit a candle to remember those I had lost.

Region designs by Khyle Sion (DragonSpire) and Laufey Markstein (Crimson Fields).

DragonSpire sponsored by: The Arcanum; featuring:Dark Goddess Designs; Curious Kitties;Favourite Genes; Black Veil Outfitters;The Golden Thorn; ~Refined Wild~; and with themed stores: Niekra’s Dreams; Wilds of Organica; Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions; Sparkle Skye Designs; Elvenbreath; Dysfunctional Designs; *.:!Completely oBVious!:.*; Talevin’s Designs; Whatz; Analog Dog Hair.

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Key of Hope Hunt

Don’t forget – the first part of the Hunt for the Key of Hope has started across all eight of the main themed regions of Fantasy Faire, and the Valley of Ish’Nar will witness the start of the second part of the Hunt from Thursday 25th April. For full details on the hunt, please refer to the Key of Hope Prologue and How to Play pages on the Fantasy Faire website

Total raised to date for RFL: L$4,359,461 (approx. $17,437 USD).

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  1. I went and had a look at DragonSpire
    The region was slow to load, but everything seemed slow to load today.
    There were missing prims all over the place.
    The design aesthetic was not to my taste, but all the other things that were wrong with my visit could be laid at the door of the Lindens. When I first started visiting Second Life, I felt I was getting to know the environment, and developing the skills to do things. But since then there have been times when it has felt as if Linden Labs have been failing us all, with layer after layer of poorly explained complexity that, sometimes, has never seemed to do anything useful.


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