Fantasy Faire: Drax does Ravenshard!

Draxtor Despres tapped me about a fun little video he put together for Mayah Parx’s Ravenshard build at Fantasy Faire 2013. It’s just 50 seconds long – so enjoy!

I’ll be visiting Ravenshard later in the week in my Faire travels.

With thanks to Draxtor Despres.


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Faire: Drax does Ravenshard!

  1. At 50 seconds even our instant gratification culture can digest it I reckon! BUT: no substitute for getting IN THERE and spending them L$ THIS VERY WEEK! Come ON you guys :)/


  2. It’s awesome work by Drax. It’s the best ever SL video series so far I think for resident created ones. Torley Linden videos from the early days until now are my top favourites. 😀


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