Fantasy Faire: to tarry in Evensong Woods

I departed the fair, colourful city of Luminaria with a heavy heart; it was not an easy place to leave, filled with bright peoples and wonders as it was. But my quest demanded I must; time was passing and I knew I had far to go.

After a day’s travel I came across a vast woodland, tall trees with deep shadows standing like sentinels blocking my way. I knew not how broad it might be, nor how many leagues it may run on either side of my path; so while it seemed foreboding to my eyes, I dared not turn aside to try to find a way around it. Instead I decided to take the last of the day’s light and try to cross the forest as quickly as I could, and followed a rough path under the first outstretched boughs.

Beneath the trees snow still lay on the ground, as if spring had passed by without note, and I turned my collar against the chill which seemed to fill the air beneath the great trunks of these mighty trees. 

Evensong Woods
Evensong Woods

“Wrap up warm, fair traveller, for the days beneath our homes are yet cool, and the nights colder still!” I stopped at the sound of the voice, fair and light, which seemed to float down to me from above, accompanied by gentle laughter. “What brings you to our home beneath the stars, and why do you hurry so beneath our trees?”

I remained paused, looking to find the source the source of the voice and the gentle laughter which followed it. As I did so, the rays of the sun broke through the green canopy above and I perceived houses and walkways high up in the boughs, some straight and wide, others slung like bridges between the trees – and there, to one side, a wooded stair leading high overhead, on upon which stood, fair and tall – elves!

Evensong Woods
Evensong Woods

“Come!” said one, extending his hand to me. “Night draws near, and as homely as we find the Evensong Woods, they are no place to be alone. Come join us if you will, and tarry among our homes amid the trees, for we have much to show you, and would hear what tales you have to tell of the wider world!”

And so it was, scarce a day from Lumenaria, I found myself once again amidst wonders, these high in the trees in the elven enclave of Yuale Nura, by day washed in the light of a warm sun and by night bathed in silver moonlight and lit by a hundred glowing crystals. And everywhere … everywhere they sound of music and laughter and the sweet voices of the fair folk, always lifted in greeting and welcome.

Region designed by: Searlait Nitschke.

Sponsored by Roawenwood; featuring: Boudoir; ~*Star Kindler Designs*~; Illusions; Mystique; Mindgardens Creations;ThatChick; and with themed stores: Swings Paradise Furnitures; Unique Obsession; Kotori; +Half-Deer+; {Lemon Tea}; An Lema; EagleHeart Designs; ~Sa-eela~; ~ Mystic Sky ~; .:EMO-tions:.

Total raised at the start of day 3: L$3,296,095 (approx: $13,184 USD).

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Faire: to tarry in Evensong Woods

    1. Thank you.

      Felt a story-style approach would be an interesting take on the Faire’s regions. Just don’t know how far it’ll go or how well it will work. Will have to see over the coming days! 🙂


        1. Thanks 🙂

          I’ve considered doing the odd “destinations” review in a similar format – or if not as a narrative, then at least in the first person – to have something a little different and see how well people respond to it. Might still do so.


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