Fantasy Faire: a visit to Lumenaria

Luninaria, Fantasy Faire 2013; Inara Pey, June 2013, on FlickrLuminaria, Fantasy Faire, 2013

Lumenaria. I’d often heard the name. A beacon of hope and light standing against the world’s ills; a place I’d longed to visit but which seemed forever out of reach. Just now I stand on the stone streets beneath a golden sun and warm skies, bathed in colour, light and life.

Tall walls provide safety to those within, who paint the roofs of their houses and stores with gay colours which match the rich blossoms and flowers which grow alongside the paths and within gardens. Water splashes from fountains, and everywhere is the sound of mirth and good humour.

Luninaria, Fantasy Faire 2013; Inara Pey, June 2013, on FlickrLuminaria, Fantasy Faire, 2013

Even the names of the stores suggest life and the warmth of dreams wrapped with a hint of exotic mystery: Solarium, Oran, Garden of Dreams, The Library, KittyCat’s Creations, Elysium, Pywicket’s Myths, Bare Rose, and more. Around me roam wonderful creatures the likes of which I’ve never seen and which the locals call “Meeroos”, and small, industrious folk who refer to themselves as “Dwarfins”. Overhead flies a great dragon, magnificent wings flung wide in the warm airs, a great sky-ship slung beneath it, from which at times I hear sounds of music and delighted revelry. 

Weary from my travels, I will rest awhile here. Perhaps I will climb the nearby tower soon, and ride another skyship to that great dragon and see what it is that so delights all who visit it on high …

Luninaria, Fantasy Faire 2013; Inara Pey, June 2013, on FlickrLuminaria, Fantasy Faire, 2013

Region designed by: Kayle Matzerath

Sponsored by: Solarium; featuring: Dwarfins; Garden of Dreams; Kittycat’s Creations; ND/MD Skins & Shapes; Mythos; Pyewicket’s Myths; and with themed stores: Old World; Oran; *~ Dream Things ~*; Panda Express; Luas; Quixote’s Dream;  ~The Library~; ::{Elysium}::; 22769; Bare Rose; Meeroos.

Total raised on day 1: L$1,960,572 (approx: $7,842 USD)

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One thought on “Fantasy Faire: a visit to Lumenaria

  1. Lumenaria is a nice build, but, as is the case with all Fantasy Faire sims, it’s bogged down by both the huge textures and the slow-on-the-uptake visitors who refuse to leave their ridiculously heavily scripted outfits at home.

    Since You mentioned Meeroos, I must say I love them – in a light wine sauce, especially with their owners as a side dish!


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