SL10BCC: Apply to be a part of the celebrations!


The SL10B Community Celebration, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Second Life being open to the public, takes place across June 16th through 23rd, 2013.  With the theme of Looking Forward, Looking Back, the event is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the last ten years of Second Life and look forward to what the next ten years of Second Life and virtual worlds might bring.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been involved in Second Life the full ten years or just ten months; this is a chance for all of us to contribute and celebrate – and as from Monday April 15th, applications are open to everyone who wants to celebrate their Second Life with us!

The Regions

The 20 regions for this year’s celebration are already here, and we’re hoping they’ll Astonish, Astound, Beguile, Captivate, Dazzle, Electrify, Enchant, Exhilarate, Fascinate and Mesmerize all who attend the week-long celebration, and that you’ll very much be a part of things by applying to be an exhibitor or presenter or performer, and bring your own Impressive, Incredible, Magnificent, Stupendous and Wonderous visions and talents to the celebrations and help fill the week with Pizzazz and make it the most Awesome, Spectacular and Stunning birthday event yet (and yes, the clues to the regions names are pretty obvious there!).


The regions aren’t open as yet – but as mentioned above, applications to be a part of the event are open, and will remain open until midnight SLT on Monday, May 20th.

So, if you want to be a part of things – here’s how:

Event Policies

Please make sure you read the event policies and understand all requirements.


If you want to:

  • Host an art installation
  • Host an informative exhibition
  • Promote a community group
  • Run an instructional media activity  (writing, machinima, photography, etc.)



If you want to be involved in the musical celebration as a:

  • Live Performer
  • DJ



If you want to:

  • Talk on a topic
  • Run a workshop
  • Teach a class
  • Do performance art
  • Put on a media event


And There’s More…


Events like the SL10B Community Celebration need help – lots of help. So even if you don’t feel you can be an exhibitor, performer or presenter but want to be more of a part of things – then why not volunteer to help out? It’s a great way to be an essential part of things, make friends and get to see all that goes on throughout the celebrations. Orientation and training is given for many of the roles, so there’s no danger of simply being chucked into the deep end (although you’ll have to give up a little time to attend training sessions, obviously!).

The SL10B website has lots of information about key support roles, such as Event Host / Greeters. Exhibitor Assistant,  Moderators, and Stage Managers. So if you’d like to volunteer to one (or several – yes, you can apply for more than one!) of these then please fill-out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.

Blog and report!

If you have a blog or other publication, we encourage you to apply. You can be “embedded” – you will promise to post about the event at least once a week or put up photos at least once a week and in return for that, you will get special early access to SL10B and an invite to Press Day!  Or – if you can’t post or put up pictures so often – you can still be on the Special Press Pass List – you’ll receive an invite to the Press Day, June 14 & 15.

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