SL10BCC: the Community Celebration is coming!

From the SL10B Community Celebration Event Team


It’s that time of year when we celebrate the anniversary of Second Life – and this year, the tenth anniversary of the founding of Second Life, will be very special.

This year we will have 20 sims for builds and stages and fun and freebies, and we invite you to be part of the festivities.

The theme of the Celebration will be: Looking Forward, Looking Back.

Key Dates for Your Calendar

  • April 15 Volunteer/Performer, Exhibitor Applications open
  • May 20 Volunteer/Performer, Exhibitor Applications close
  • May 27 Sims open to builders
  • June 16 Grand Opening
  • June 23 Official Birthday day and final day of performances
  • June 29 Sims close to the public
  • July 1 All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline

SL10B-CC LOGO_1024x700Many of your classic favourites will be back. There will be a cake. There will be a main stage, and other stage venues. There will be gifts to take away – which may well include a (non-Linden) souvenir bear. There will be an auditorium for talks and presentations. And finally, there will be a time capsule into which you can put your past year’s best creations.

How YOU Can be a part of the Celebration

  • You can volunteer to create your own celebratory plot, as Exhibitors are invited to show off their community and its special nature to others
  • You might prefer to join the team of Hosts welcoming all the visitors and handing out gifts, helping find locations, mentoring any newcomers who might need extra help and making the party happen.
  • Maybe you’d rather join the rock concert atmosphere and be a Stage Manager or you are a DJ or Live Performer and would like to share your talent from one of our stages. Or perhaps you want to share your passion and knowledge as a Presenter through a lecture or roundtable discussion in our Auditorium.
  • Others of you might be interested in Security or Public Relations. We’re looking for your energetic participation in all of these roles.

You are invited to sign up for one or more of these areas (yes, you can volunteer for everything if you like). Orientation and Training will be provided for many of the roles. Expect that some time will be required prior to the event for that purpose.

Make Sure You Stay Informed

We also have an information group inworld – “The SLB Community” (without the “”)  it’s free to join so sign up inworld to hear announcements there before you hear them anywhere else.

SL10B on Designing Worlds 14:00 SLT, March 25th

You can see more information about the Community Celebration on the Designing Worlds TV show at 2pm SLT on Monday 25th March – watch it at: or (it will go live at 2pm SLT).

Meanwhile, the Boys in The Back Room are Already Planning…

Community Celebration coverage in this blog

7 thoughts on “SL10BCC: the Community Celebration is coming!

  1. I left out a gag where Fluffee wasn’t available to be the machinima host for SL10B because he got caught meshing-off during a Pee Wee Herman film festival on Zindra. The “Group IMs aren’t working, and my friends list is full of hippos” line worked better.

    The next video will star Triangle Head. He’s sick of building stuff over and over in Patterns, so he has an existential crisis.



    1. I believe all regions are being donated by sponsors once again – exact details still TBA.


  2. Something everyone may find interesting is previous themes for Second Life Birthdays and links can be found on my blog. 🙂

    SL1B – Second Life First Year Anniversary Gale < LL Supported
    SL2B – Giant museum displaying various large builds, pictures of SL over time < LL Supported
    SL3B – Hooray for diversity and looking towards the future < LL Supported
    SL4B – “era” of SL < LL Supported
    SL5B – SL Culture < LL Supported
    SL6B – The Future of Virtual Worlds < LL Supported
    SL7B- Unxpected Collaborations < LL Supported
    SL8B – Magic of Second Life < LL Supported
    SL9B – Community < Resident Supported
    SL10B – Looking Forward. Looking Back < NEW which is worth looking at. 🙂


  3. I have to say I feel unexcited. My experience, over the last couple of years, has been of a very patchy quality of service. Finding what excites me is always going to be hard, I realise that, but now the whole grid seems to be routinely plagued by lag, I am beginning to wonder if the struggle will be worth it.

    I am inclined to think that the Physics engine which underlies Pathfinding has messed everything up. It doesn’t handle crowded regions well. Last Christmas, there were events organised by experienced teams that were, lag-wise, a disaster. Ever since the change, certain activities have been hit by lag-spikes and other problems that didn’t happen before, and have stopped being fun. Yet it seems this is classed by the Lindens as “expected behaviour”.

    And there are features in the works that could add to problems. Materials will look wonderful, but will be more work for the Viewer and more texture-maps to transmit from SL’s servers to the user’s machine. How will the Mesh Deformer work in a busy region?

    Right from the first SLB I saw, the Lindens have limited such places as stage areas to 25 AVs per region, as if they have known their systems cannot deliver on the performance levels they claim. And, despite all the effort, my user experience has been in a slow decline. The most recent outbreak of griefer attacks started on a weekend. It was fairly easy to block the effects on the Viewer. It was clearly going to need Linden-effort to deal with some of the effects on regions, with the prim-storm settling on little-visited land parcels.

    No response to AR’s until late Monday, and no evidence that anyone pays attention to AR’s out of office hours.

    There’s more than the slow fall of land area to suggest Second Life is in decline, though it may be hard to measure service in any objective way. But I am not enthused by the prospect of SL10B.

    So I am pessimistic about SL10B.


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