LEA Full Sim artists 2013-14 announced

LEA_square_logo_60The Linden Endowment for the Arts has announced their choices for the 2013 Full Sim Art series, which will now run through until the end of April 2014.

The Full Sim Art series offers artists across the grid a full month’s access to an LEA region in which they can host a show of their choosing. As such, applicants receive:

  • A full, 15,000-prim region (inclusive of the media) – not all the prims have to be used!
  • The freedom to choose when to open the show to the public
  • Coverage within the LEA and UWA blog & potentially in any other blogs confirming their continuing support of the series

Access to regions will be granted to successful applicants on the first day of each month, and must end and be cleared from the region on the last day of the month.

The 2013-14 line-up, as announced by the LEA on Wednesday 27th February, comprises:


  • March: Fuschia Nightfire, Fuschia’s Fantasy Fairyland
  • April: Krystali Rabeni, Virtually Real
  • May: paleillusion, Frozen in Time
  • June: Kalanglarik Tomorrow
  • July: Nino Vichan, Musical Tonalities & Colour
  • August: SerenVide, Hope Springs
  • September: Secret Rage, Connected by Commonalities
  • October: Rebeca Bashly, Key
  • November: Lilia Artis & Moeuhane Sandalwood The Machine
  • December: Giovanna Cerise Fisicofollia


  • January: Gem Priez Fractal Cathedral
  • February: Sea Mizin California Giant Redwood Forest
  • March: Mary Wickentower, CINEMA! Take II
  • April: michaelromani & beawildered Americana Retread

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