Starship trooping

The original pool and jacuzzi
The original pool and jacuzzi

From here, it was onwards to the pool area. This again had minor issues for me: the decor didn’t sit well with me, nor did the visible poseballs hovering everywhere – particularly in the hot tub. Time for both a makeover to fit the revised available space and the installation of a more recent pose system.

I’m again pretty pleased with the result. Not only did it give me the opportunity to install something more in keeping with my sensibilities size-wise (why does every hot tub in SL have to be sized as if the one thing it really wants to be is an actual swimming pool?), I could play with one of my favourite toys in SL: lighting.

The new, revised pool and jacuzzi
The new, revised pool and jacuzzi with lighting active

The third scene to get completely overhauled was the “outer space” scene. This is a clever idea intended to present one with a feeling of walking out under a black, star-lit sky, a grass-topped walkway leading to a circle of grass sitting atop a rock hanging in space, stars above, below and either side. All very nice – and even a tad romantic.

"Outer Space"
“Outer Space”

Sadly, I cammed out and saw parts of the scene poking through the ship. Cue OCD Builder. Taking my lead from the original, I rebuilt the scene and tried to give it more of s “hanging in space” feel, introducing a semi-transparent platform with edge lighting to mark the way and edges, suspended in a “moving” star field. All of which, if I say so myself, looks particularly effective when looking at it through the open … holodeck(?) … doors.

The new "outer space" scene
The new “outer space” scene

Right now, I’m still fiddling with things and banging prims together. In some ways, that’s the real problem. The Fizz / Connover scene rezzer is an addictive piece of kit which encourages one to come up with room ideas and see how they work. I still have a number of ideas in mind I might just try. With the entire ship now reworked so that I can rez it any time via Rez Faux, it’s something I can keep coming back to and twiddling with as and when the mood strikes.

Well, at least it keeps me in the warm on these long, dark winter nights….


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  1. It’s all looking really good so far – and i’m pretty sure the end result will be astonishing.


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