Go fly a kite

We all need a break now and then. Whether it is from the pressures of real life or Second Life, it makes no difference; we can all at times simply feel overwhelmed by things and need a place where we can go to and simply just *be*, whether on our own, or with a close friend. Somewhere away from the usual surroundings of our in-world homes or regular haunts, somewhere where we don’t actually have to “do” anything, but can simply sit and think or talk or watch the passing clouds.

Black Kite

Black Kite is one such place where we can do this. The work of Black Cloud (Theblackcloud Oh), Black Kite is a region which is breathtaking in its simplicity and deeply calming in its presentation. It is open to the public, although Black Cloud does have her home in the north-east corner of the region, so please respect her privacy when visiting.

Black Kite

The default windlight sky settings for the region, coupled with its watery nature, present a space free from the daily clutter of the world – real or virtual – but which also encompasses plenty which can both reflect one’s mood and also encourage one to relax and unwind and give flight to thought.

Black Kite

The best way to discover Black Kite is to simply wander. The water is only ankle-deep, and there are wooden walkways for those who prefer, all of which lead to / past some thing of interest. Minimalist it may appear to be, but there is a wonderful attention to detail here. There is an audio stream which can help relax the mind and also give it wing, adding to the immersive ambience of the region; but even without it, this is a place to savour.

Black Kite

This is also a place which encourages experimentation with windlight presets – which also makes it a photographer’s delight. My personal favourite settings-wise when visiting is Bryn Oh’s Mayfly (see the first photo in this article); the open nature of Black Kite just lends itself perfectly to the preset. Many other options for both sky and water work here as well, offering those with an artistic bent a huge range photographic opportunities my own efforts barely hint at.

Black Kite

If I were asked to sum-up Black Kite in a word, it would be “Tranquility”. It’s a place I’ve only recently discovered, but it is a place which touches me greatly, as so much of it does reflect feelings and moods I frequently have; whether that gives me something in common with Black Cloud Oh, I’ve no idea; but for me the reasonance is very real.

Black Kite is open to visitors, as mentioned above (and with the caveat concerning Black Cloud’s home) and photographers and machinimatographers are also welcome. However, for me the beauty of Black Kite is the sense of freedom and calmness it invokes whenever I visit; it is a place where I can both escape and find myself.

Perhaps you will as well. Perhaps, should you find the pressures of the virtual and / or real world getting to you, you’ll do as I do, and:

Black Kite

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