I have no idea how I missed this. I’d not seen or received any notification in advance, managed to miss any word of it looking around other blogs and had no idea there was even a call for bloggers. I’m not blaming anyone other than myself for not keeping eyes better peeled and ears more firmly to the ground and catching word in advance.

Unhinged – subtitled A Festival for Eku’s Head is a special, month-long series of events aimed at raising money to assist SL resident Eku Zhong, as organiser Nephilaine Protagonist explains in the Unhinged blog:

Her struggles started with MS. Then they found thyroid cancer, and through poor treatment it turned into bone cancer.  Over the last seven years, literally countless surgeries, radiation therapies, bone replacements and marrow transplants later, the stress of repeated surgeries has left her skull fragile and yet more surgery is needed.

The area where her zygotic arch meets the temporal bone is severely compromised.

Literally there is a risk that her zygotic arch could lift off the temporal arch and push the temporal bone into her brain. Actions as simple as chewing hard food or yawning the wrong way could cause this.

There is hope. Another surgery could correct this issue, but it requires the purchase of a prosthesis to replace the damaged bone. This is where myself and a group of people who love her dearly come in, and you as well should you choose to help out.

From November 15th through December 15th, we will be running a festival in SL- a festival to celebrate Eku’s titanium spirit. The event is called Unhinged. It will be a great big gacha fair with a skull theme, lots of DJs and super fun party time, in honor of this spirited and sweet person who is such an inspiration.

75% of the proceeds from gacha plays will go to the Eku’s New Bone fund, to help offset the substantial out-of-pocket cost for this prosthetic. We have a great group of vendors and entertainers lined up, but there is room for lots more, and every contribution helps!

A small part of the vendor area for Unhinged on Port Seraphine, leading around to the stage area

The even is taking place on two regions, with a large, open-area vendor area on Port Seraphine, with content creators who are supporting the event displaying their wares – some of which have been exclusively for Unhinged. The vendor area is simple, low-lag and highly effective for an event of this sort. It leads up to the party / stage area, which is just “over the border” in the region of WaterWorks and is very much in keeping with the overall theme for the event, as it features a large skull in which DJs are artists perform.

Unhinged stage

Unhinged kicked-off on the 15th November, and will run through until the 15th December. Events are planned throughout the month, with music and dancing taking place at the stage area, and people are encouraged to pop along, have fun, perhaps buy an item or two and help show love and support for Eku. Skull-topped donation boxes are readily available, or for those who prefer, there is also an Indiegogo fundraiser page as well.

The opening event may have taken place, but entertainment is always available at the stage area, where Unhinged hosts are waiting to welcome people, and there is plenty of time to browse the stores, grab some exclusives and help in the cause – so why not take a little time out of your day and pop all? It really is worthwhile – in every sense of the word.

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