InWorldz on the move

This weekend will see InWorldz move to a new hosting service. The move, after months of planning, was announced at the start of the month, and should take place over Friday 15th / Saturday 17th November, 2012.

Announcing the move, Beth Reischl (known as Elenia Llewellyn in-world), one on the InWorldz LLC co-founders, said:

As an international company, who deals with 1/3 of our customers being outside of the US, it has long been apparent to us that it can be very difficult for our global customers to connect and enjoy their time here. While we have striven to help each one that has had issues, we also realized a need to be able to scale our services globally for our residents. While scaling services globally is important, so too is our bottomline costs, and keeping those in line with what we expect our residents to pay for. We have always strove for keeping our costs down, so that we can pass that on to our residents. Combining these two pieces of information, along with the amount of asset storage we hold, we felt it was the right time to look for a company that could provide us with a long term roadmap that would benefit our global customers, keep our costs down, and do this at a time where our migration process wouldn’t be harmful to our residents.

As a result, InWorldz will be relocating to RackSpace, where their servers will initially be located at that company’s facilities in Elk Ridge, Illinois. However, an important factor in the move is that it will enable InWolrdz to expand their servers into target areas such as the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

This move also brings to an end InWorldz relationship with CariNet, their current hosting provider, with who they announced a joint venture back in July 2011, and reflects the founder’s commitment to growing their business and their community.

The shutdown is scheduled to commence at 03:00 PST / IWT on the 16th November and, assuming all goes according to plan, re-opening at 03:00 PST / IWT on Saturday 17th November.

PhysX Deployment

Alongside the expansion notice, Reischl confirmed that InWorldz will undertake deployment of their nVidia / GeForce PhysX physics engine implementation across their entire grid as a part of the migration. PhysX has been under development for InWorlz for some time, and recent deployment saw it added to water regions in the InWorldz grid to enable some final testing and bug-fixing to take place, and well as allowing users to try the new engine out without impacting the entire grid.

Both of these moves should substantially increase both the appeal of InWorldz and its ability to manage growth in the coming years. Possibly in recognition of this, InWorldz LLC has contracted Pooky Media to develop machinimia films which will form the backbone of the company’s marketing  and promotion activities commencing in 2013.

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6 thoughts on “InWorldz on the move

    1. Really annoying when I skip read and the spell checker doesn’t go, “Say whut?!” Correcting, and thanks :).


  1. Wonder what happened to their so called joint venture with Carinet, I love how they always twist bad news in to good news.


    1. I’m not sure how the joint venture proceeded – other than the fact that InWorldz has had a successful relationship wth CariNet, as evidenced by their time with them.

      I don’t see this as being “bad news” or news that is being manipulated. InWorldz is vibrant and growing steadily. It has a strong non-US user base alongside it’s US users, and as such moving to a provider who can facilitate better hosting (including the option for international growth) is both part and parcel of the company’s growth and a recognition that they may need to move beyond current arrangements. They are certainly not the first virtual world venture to have an eye on global distribution for their hosting needs.


  2. Beware of the physics engine, if it works as expected, i hope a lot of Sl builders will finnaly start thinking of openig their doors on Inworldz.
    All it needs is that, more and more Sl builders to sell their products, cause Inworldz lacks qjuite a few (Mostly adult itens related, i can add that OSg have much better offer in that camp and for free!).
    But Sl users and LL does not need to fear any grid but their own!
    There is no signs of stopping the bleed of sims and users, a sign is that now a live concert takes 2 hoaurs when before only 1, even entertainers felt the need to play for more time to see if they can get a bit more tips, as RL is not making SL users rich and neither Sl is allowing one to be rich, at least inside Sl!
    My hope is that LL is really working on making the grid as stable as it can be, as reliable as one expects, and then to finnaly make some that will put users back on Sl, lowering tiers, at least for premium members!


  3. I try to pay attention to InWorldz, but don’t find it too interesting myself right now. The physics engine work is definitely interesting, and their script engine is reputed to have many nice improvements over XEngine which comes with OpenSimulator. They’ve definitely won over many fans and evangelists, so they’re clearly doing some things right.

    For me personally, though, I haven’t been able to get myself to do more than visit on rare occasions. There a lot of newer features that they lack. Last I knew, there was no support for mesh, and I’ve invested an enormous amount of time in that. A V3 viewer won’t work there, and any features associated with one like multiple attachments per point, inventory links, etc. just don’t exist there either.

    I feel part of this is a consequence of their decision to fork from OpenSim and close their code off. This enables them to get a leg up on competitors with things like scripting and physics. But it also means that they miss out all the many contributions OpenSim has received over the last few years.

    Just to be clear, I’m not bashing InWorldz here. It’s clearly a fine fit for many people. It just doesn’t fit for me. 🙂


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