Marketplace issues: September update

On September 20th, Commerce Team Linden provided a terse update to the ongoing problems related to direct delivery. The Update reads in full:

The transition from Magic Boxes to Direct Delivery has been extended indefinitely. We will be providing a 30-day warning before any shutdown actions are taken and will avoid doing this before peak holidays for the Marketplace (Halloween, Christmas/New Year’s, Valentine’s Day).

We are aware that some Merchants are still having problems with the Merchant Outbox. We are are working with TPVs and our internal development teams to address this issue.

The comment relating to TPV involvement possibly relates to  WEB-4600, VWR-28630/VWR-28631 and VWR-28629, although it has caused some confusion, as there appears to have been little or no recent discussion on matters between LL and at least one TPV team.

The update gives no further information on the status of the range of JIRA items related to the Marketplace which have been under investigation now for the greater part of 2012. These items comprise:

  • Limited Quantity Support Merchant does not have rights to copy the items for sale (no JIRA number supplied)
  • WEB-2974 (Listing enhancement stuck in “Charging, cannot edit right now” state)
  • WEB-4138 (Confirmation emails failing to deliver)
  • WEB-4441 (Orders stuck in “Being Delivered” state)
  • WEB-4554 (Test delivery permissions incorrect)
  • WEB-4567 (Bulk delete fails for some merchants)
  • WEB-4587 (listings with the wrong images)
  • WEB-4592 (Orders marked as “Delivery Partially Failed” on success)
  • WEB-4600 (Merchant Outbox failures)
  • WEB-4696 (Deleted listings appearing in search results)

Meanwhile, in the Marketplace release for September 26th, 2012, the Commerce Team did successfully change the “sent from” from email address to for all sales notification e-mails sent to merchants (this was previously However, as no formal notification was apparently given on this change ahead of time, many merchants only discovered the change as a result of their e-mail applications treating incoming sales notifications with the new “from” address as spam …

4 thoughts on “Marketplace issues: September update

  1. 4+ years? now since they purchased Xstreet. I remember one of the first things they promised…”I will do my very best to keep you informed of our plans” from Colossus Linden.
    Haven’t they done well to smoothly guide us through their changes, while keeping us informed, and finished in such a short time too ?
    Sooo many failures in those years, and they still can’t get the basics right – every time I visit Marketplace I still have to set my paging preferences.
    Their progress/success with marketplace is just embarrassing – i honestly cannot understand how their team has got away with it so long.


    1. It’s always tempting to take a trip down the bumpy road to the XSL / On-Rez buy-outs when reporting these updates; however it’s a little like taking an instrument of physical torture and applying to a departed member of the equine family, so I forego the effort…

      The preferences element drives me up the wall. I usually have my preferences set to “G,M,A”. However, I recently did a search narrowed to “Adult”, and now every search I carry out – even with general prefs on G.M.A, only yields “Adult” rated results (which in 90% of my searches in a blank page, and the other 10%, not what I’m looking for).

      This is one area where customer services has deteriorated in a major way. Surprises me to say so, but moreso since Pink departed. Her style often tended to be a one-way street communications-wise, but she did actually communicate.


    1. I could’ve added that that first I knew about it was getting a comment on Reddit that was made on a totally unrelated topic. Still, Amanda Linden did once famously tell us that for the latest news on SL, we should go look elsewhere other than the SL website. She may be gone, but the legacy lives on?


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