Opening Pandoria’s box


Pandoria is the creation of Bonny Greenwood, owner of Mindgardens Creations. It is described as a “celestial cosmic adventure full of many treasures, ambient music, amazing beauty and more!” – and it lives up to this description in full.

Located high in the sky over Magic Valley, where the Mindgardens store can also be found, Pandoria is a mixture of romance and meditation surrounded by planets, stars and a glittering white aurora.


This is a place one can enjoy alone, although it naturally lends itself to being a shared experience, whether or not romance and dancing is involved – and there are places here to dance. The music stream is well-chosen (the occasional “important messages” barely noticeable), and lends itself fully to one’s enjoyment while exploring the glittering islands in the sky.

For those wishing to clear their minds, there are places to meditate, while for those seeking entertainment, there is also a place to sit and play a quiz. For my part, Pandoria was a chance to wander alone and let my thoughts stray where they will. There is a very faint echo of Inspire Space here, another favourite venue of mine, but so faint as to encourage a feeling of warm familiarity, even on a first visit to Pandoria, rather than anything else.


Pandoria is a visual box of delights. It may not be big, but that’s part of the beauty, you don’t have to walk far to find something to captivate or enchant, although teleporters offer you the chance to see more elsewhere, whether it’s the Moonlit glades of Magic Valley itself or the underwater mermaids caverns or the Mindgardens Creations store itself.

This is a magic place to visit and will, it appears, become the venue for events in the near future – a calendar is available on the Pandoria blog, and a stage area can be found on the sky islands. I’m looking forward to seeing what entertainments and activities do occur; Pandoria is liable to be a place to which I’ll be returning a lot.


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Saint Torley’s Day 2012

Torley Linden, rightly one of the most popular Linden Lab employees, famous for his infectious good-humour, his love of watermelons and talent for music, is to be the focus of the 5th resident-run Saint Torley’s Day, organised by the First Church of Rosedale and the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse.

The many faces of Torley Linden

The event will take place this Sunday, the 16th September, 2012, commencing at 12:00 SLT. Celebrations will comprise:

  • 12:00-13:00 –  a special service will take place at the Rheta Shan Memorial Chapel of the First Church of Rosedale. Please note that the church is in the Promised Land of Zindra, so participants will need to be adult-verified or have payment information on file
  • 13:0-14:00: a party featuring Second Life artist Kaklick Martin and Torley’s own compositions, hosted by Alchemy Epstein and Nakira Tennen; to be held at the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse, Penning.

The press release announcing the event reads in part:

“Torley Linden has written innumerable posts on the company’s official blog and created hundreds of video tutorials. He listens and responds to residents, holding weekly office hours and keeping tabs on Second Life content all over the Web, including blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube. His Saint Day is the Sunday closest to his “rezday” (the day he first entered Second Life), September 15; 2011 will mark the end of his eighth year ‘in-world.’”

The event is intended to be a warm celebration of Torley’s work as Resident Enlightenment Manager, as such those attending the party are encouraged to “wear the most pleasingly garish shades of neon pink and green they can find”, and expect the “‘melon-go-round’, the grid’s most heavily armed watermelon piñata, and more surprises”.

So get your shades, grab a watermelon and join the festivities!

Watermelon Wine by Torley Linden

For further information, contact Samantha Poindexter in-world.

The organisers stress this event is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Lab.

With thanks to Samantha Poindexter.