Radegast 2.2

I finally had time to sit down and play with the latest update to Radegast – version 2.2.1171. This isn’t a major update per se, but it certainly adds some very nice capabilities to what is, from a straightforward user perspective, the most flexible of “text” clients for Second Life and OpenSim.

As always, comment here are based on using the Windows version, and this article supplements my previous reviews of Radegast and Radegast 2.0.

The .EXE file comes in at around 8.3Mb, and as with previous versions, installation is very straight-forward, although I was surprised when it gave the install directory as Radegast-experimental, given this is a formal release; quick update needed there! The login / splash screen hasn’t been changed since the 2.0 release, and logging-in brings you to the familiar chat tab in the main window.

The key updates with this release are:

  • Multiple attachment support
  • View your own attachments in the object tracker & touch them
  • Temporary texture uploads
  • Change Profile Picture
  • Inventory backups can now save textures and snapshots

Multiple Attachments

This sees an ADD TO WORN option added to the menu when you right-click on an object in Inventory, allowing you to wear it at the pre-assigned attach point (body or HUD) in addition to whatever else is already worn at the point, exactly as with a graphical Viewer.

Additionally, any objects attached to your body or a HUD position are now listed in the main OBJECTS tab, as well as TOOLS -> MY ATTACHMENTS or CHAT -> [Avatar]-> ATTN. Providing you set the Objects tab to display objects by DISTANCE from you, rather than NAME, worn items will always appear at the top of the list, making them easy to locate.

Attachments now listed in OBJECTS tab

As with other scripted objects, you can access the menu for any attachment by either right-clicking on it and selecting CLICK/TOUCH from the drop-down menu, or left-click on it and then clicking on the TOUCH/CLICK button.

This now allows you to view / edit any scripts / notecards contained in an attachment (subject to permissions):

  • To view the contents of the root prim: right-click to select an attachment, then click on the CONTENTS button to the right of the Radegast window.
  • To view the contents of a specific component / prim, highlight the required prim in the panel at the bottom of the OBJECTS tab, then click on the CONTENTS button
  • In either case, a list of the prim’s contents is displayed. Click on the require script / notecard and click on OPEN.

Temporary Uploads

Image file temporary uploads option

As with a number of third-party graphic Viewers, Radegast now supports temporary texture uploads. Select FILE ->UPLOAD IMAGE. The option to upload a temporary texture is on the main selection / upload panel.

Temporary uploads follow the same rules as for graphical Viewers (no SL charge on upload, cannot be transferred, etc).

Profile and Picks Images

Radegast 2.2 includes the ability to change your Profile image, or any images associated with the Picks in your Profile.

  • Select your avatar’s name in the Chat window and click on the gear icon to open your Profile
  • Size / position the main Radegast window (or your inventory window, if you have that open separately) so you can see both it and your Profile window
  • To change your Profile picture, navigate through your inventory and select the image you wish to use for your new Profile picture. Drag and drop the image into the image area of your Profile
  • To change the image for a Pick, open the required Pick in your Profile. Navigate through your inventory and select the image you wish to use with the Pick and drag and drop it into the image box on the Pick display in your Profile.
Drag and drop images from your inventory to update your Profile and Picks
Drag and drop images from your inventory to update your Profile and Picks

Additionally, when you right-click on an image in your Profile or Picks you can now:

  • SAVE them to your inventory
  • Locate an original in your inventory using SHOW IN INVENTORY
  • Copy an image to your clipboard
  • Copy the UUID of an image to your clipboard.

Other Features and Fixes


  • Francogrid (OpenSim) added to grid presets
  • Option to save images and inventory list to inventory backup
  • 3D scene viewer renders megaprims even if their center is beyond the draw distance as long as their closest edge is within
  • Auto Item accept
  • Ability to see group and group roles keys


  • [RAD-268] – merged ‘Chat+Objects’ Tabs can’t be re-opened
  • [RAD-280] – Autoresponse triggers on System Messages
  • [RAD-282] – BVHDecoder exception
  • [RAD-294] – 3D Scene view takes over 3D Object View, and crashes upon close.
  • [RAD-295] – My avatar gets partially stripped when using Radegast
  • [RAD-301] – Chat log is not recording avatar chatting.
  • [RAD-305] – Radegast can potentially “timeout” during Image Uploads causing loss of funds
  • [RAD-306] – Saved logins only stores one login per grid
  • [RAD-309] – UI updates to -1 linden dollar if a payment fails due to insufficient funds

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