Kirsten’s Viewer: announcement expected

At the start of September came news that Kirsten’s Viewer was effectively frozen as a result of Kirstenlee Cinquetti having to withdraw from the project in order to be better placed to care for partner Dawny Daviau.

While this news came a cause for regret, coupled with warm support for both Kirstenlee and Dawny, Hamlet Au put forward an intriguing idea to the community as to how the Viewer might survive. This resulted in a massive outpouring of further support for the Viewer, as evidenced in the KV blog, which prompted Jabba Aabye to post sincere thanks to all who had come forward, hinting that something may well be forthcoming, as he referred to the Viewer thus:

But there might be some light on the horizon. Tho it is not official yet, there is some hope growing it will work out and benefit all of us.

Not long after that post was made, I heard a rumour  – and I emphasise the word rumour – that there had been a further code commit for Kirsten’s Viewer. A check on the Kirsten’s Viewer SorceForge page revealed that, on the day Jabba made the announcement, a subversion of the Viewer code  – No. 1060 – was in fact committed. A total of 13 files were submitted to the SVN repository – most of which appear related to the forthcoming Direct Delivery mechanism / Inventory changes.

Obviously, the above is not indicative that there is about to be a further release of the Viewer; the commit could simply be related to placing work-in-progress into the repository pending the project being unfrozen at an unspecified point in the future.

However, earlier today, the following was sent out today via the Viewer’s Twitter account:

Given the upbeat tone of the Tweet (note the smiley), it would seem that some very welcome news may be in the offing where Kirsten’s Viewer is concerned, and the commit of the 22nd September may yet find its way into another release of the Viewer. Here’s to keeping fingers crossed that the forthcoming announcement carries some very good news.