Windlight project viewer released

Linden Lab has released the Windlight Project Viewer for Viewer 2. This is a much-anticipated Viewer that puts Windlight environmental controls directly into the hands of sim owners.

Most of us are familiar with Windlight presets – they allow us to alter the day / night settings and general ambience of the sim we’re in – so you can make it foggy or give it a psychedelic sunrise – but until now, these effects have been restricted to your Viewer – everyone else will see things howsoever they’ve set the time of day  / whatever Windlight settings they like.

With the new Windlight Project Viewer all this changes: howsoever the sim owner sets the sim’s Windlight defaults will automatically be reflected in the Viewers of visiting avatars. So, if you have a role-play sim that is set in London of the 1880s, you’ll be able to set the sim’s environment to reflect this: nighttime, foggy, etc., – any everyone entering the sim will see precisely that by default – unless and until you opt to change it for your own personal view.

As the Linden Lab announcement warns, any effects set server-side will initially only be seen by those people using the Windlight Project Viewer – but as the code is incorporated in the main viewer 2 code base, so defaults and settings will be seen by everyone.

This is pretty cool stuff, especially for those with themed sims and role-play sims, and kudos to LL for getting the controls into the server code!

Windlight and me: four views of my home, three using Windlight presets. The ability to set a sim’s environment through Windlight is now available in the Windlight Project Viewer

You can find the Viewer on the Windlight Project Viewer wiki page.

3 thoughts on “Windlight project viewer released

  1. Isn’t that incorporated into Imprudence and Phoenix for quite a while already?

    At least I get notices from some sims, wether I want to allow Windlight settings to be changed.


    1. There is a “forced” feature some sims owners use. As far as I’m aware this has been done using “unofficial” code (much like the old multi-attachment code on some TPVs).

      The Windlight Viewer Project introduces “official” code, with controls (I understand) built-in to the Estate Management tools available to sim owners / estate managers, presumably coupled with a server-side code change as well.


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