Welcome back, Esbee

Esbee Linden from the official wiki

Sarah Kuehnle, aka Esbee Linden, who departed Linden Lab back in January is apparently back. The news is spreading like wildfire across blogs and Twitter (curse you, ironing, for making me miss the “breaking news”!).

Although the news isn’t exactly that new – she’s been Tweeting about it for almost a month, so most of us seem to have missed it!

Exactly what she’ll be doing is unclear, but it looks like she’ll once again be involved in Viewer development going on her comments about being in the Viewer scrum once more with Yoz and Oz; this has given rise to speculation that “Viewer 3” might be on the horizon – although that’s nine parts wishful thinking more than anything else – Rodvik himself has been more than candid about the continued development of Viewer 2.

Anyway, here’s a little welcome back!

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