Maximum prim size to increase?

I was bimbling about the Beta Grid this week, looking and bits and pieces to do with Mesh, and noticed that the maximum size limit for prims seems to be around the 60x60x60 mark, rather than the 10x10x10 we have on the Main Grid.

I’ve been told this size limit has been changed to better enable Mesh support on the Beta – which sets me to wondering whether we’ll see the size increase enabled on the Main Grid when Mesh goes live.

The 10x10x10 size limit is, like the 15,000 prims-per-full-sim limit, something imposed by Linden Lab as a trade-off between capability and performance back in the early days of the Grid, rather than a limitation of the software itself. Given server-side processing has increased dramatically over the past 6-7 years, and given that the considered use of “legally cut” megas can mean very little in overall degradation to sim performance ), a move to a larger maximum prim size would be exceptionally welcome  among content creators and hobbyist builders alike, and could quickly bolster LL in the popularity stakes.

3 thoughts on “Maximum prim size to increase?

    1. I clearly need to spend more time perusing the wiki! – A habit I’ve slipped out of over the last year 🙂

      I had heard there were improved tools for parcel encroachment, but hadn’t read-up on the link. Thanks again, Innula!


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