The idyllic beauty of REN in Second Life

[REN] May, 2023 – click any image for full size
Tucked away on a finger of land extending out into the sea on the north-west coast of Nautilus, is the idyllic retreat of [REN] , designed and held by Noa (Noa Cloud). Occupying a touch under 13,000 square metres on a Full Mainland region, it is another example of how less can be more when creating a public environment, as well as presenting a fusion of ideas to offer a captivating setting for people to visit.

According to the teleport board at the landing point, the setting has four areas to which visitors can be transported; however, three are within easy walking distance of one another, meaning it is really only the gallery space which requires a teleport assist in order to be reached. Plus, there is a little secret within the location awaiting discovery.


[REN] May, 2023
The teleport station sits between two of the ground-level locations: the Japanese Garden and the Salon Garden. The former is the largest element of the build, sitting above the Salon Garden and connected to it by a stone stairway descending from the landing point. Loosely split into two parts, the Japanese Garden offers loosely paved paths flowing around a summer house largely furnished with western sensibilities but offering a Japanese tearoom. Across the path from this sits a massage table / bench fronts a waterfall – the first of several in the gardens.

A wisteria draped arch alongside the falls provides access to an “inner” garden bounded to one side by more waterfalls. Rich with flower in bloom, pools of water and a smaller summer house set ready for a music recital, this “inner” garden is rich in the sound of bird song. It is a place where one can come to relax and unwind. The paths winding through this garden lead the way to where a second, smaller Zen garden and gravel path run down one side of the little summer house and under the shade of trees, leading the way back to the main house.

[REN] May, 2023
As well as offering walks around the garden, one of the paths alongside the main house points the way to where a grassy slope drops down to a broad ledge overlooking a small beach, a set of steps completing the way down to the sands.  The beach curves around the coastline of the setting, skirting the cliffs and passing by a boardwalk leading out over the water to where a pavilion sits surrounded by the waves, awaiting couples who might enjoy a dance.

Two further set of stone steps climb back up from the beach. The first rises to face the front of the salon itself, the two separated by a wide paved path. Outdoor seating provides light refreshment, whilst inside the salon is the opportunity for more music and a touch of afternoon tea or an aperitif, depending on your preference.

[REN] May, 2023
Sitting behind the salon is a garden of roses and tulips where deer and a hare roam (or float!) whilst an owl watches over an outdoor reading nook. Steps alongside the nook lead up to the Japanese garden, while a second set of steps rise from an archway to a further small garden, complete with waterfalls of its own, providing an additional quiet retreat.

Throughout all of this there are numerous places to sit and pass the time, and – as if it needs stating – lots of opportunities for photography. There is also, should you find it, the opportunity for a romantic (and literally candle-lit) dinner tucked out-of-sight from the rest of the world. Finding your way too it is not hard – but I’m saying no more about it her; the clue is in the setting’s About Land description. After that, you just need to look behind the curtain – so to speak.

[REN] May, 2023
The gallery mentioned above is home to Noa’s own Second Life photography, which is itself engaging and representative of the natural look of Second Life locations. Also as noted earlier, it requires teleporting to reach it – just accept the location’s Experience when touching any board for the first time (subsequent teleports within the setting will be automatic).

Beautifully presented and a joy to visit, [REN] is finished with a subtle sounds cape and presents both restful and engaging to the eye. My thanks to Shawn Shakespeare for the pointer!

[REN] May, 2023
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  • [REN] (Strutter rated Moderate)

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