Artistic Songs for Earth in Second Life

Third Eye Gallery: Songs of Earth

Now open at the Third Eye Gallery, curated by Jaz (Jessamine2108) in Second Life, is a broad cross-section of art from both the virtual and physical worlds, and which stands as a excellent introduction for those seeking to discover more about artistic expression in Second Life.

Entitled Songs of Earth it is an outreach of the Unity Art project, founded by Viktor Savior, the exhibition is intended to present “the artists’ vision of thanking, and cherishing this beautiful planet which has enabled us all to experience the joys of life in a tiny corner of the universe.”

Third Eye Gallery: Songs of Earth

With 33 artists participating, it is perhaps the most extensive exhibition mounted at Third Eye, with the art displayed over three balconied levels within the gallery space, all connected by staircases and walkways. Each artist has provided two pieces of art each, with their works displayed side-by-by, with most also providing a giver which will present those touching it with further information on the artist – always a welcome element in such a broad ranging display of art, allowing those particularly taken by an artist to find out more about them and where more of their work might be appreciated / purchased.

And when I say “broad ranging”, I do mean precisely that. Within Songs of Earth one can find images of Second Life Landscapes, reproductions of abstract pieces, mandalas, and digital compositions from the physical world; avatar studies, and even a touch of art utilised the Midjourney AI system.

Third Eye Gallery: Songs of Earth – Mareea Farrasco (l) and Carelyna

All of the pieces offer a unique take on celebrating the world around us; some doing so through the presentation of flowers, landscapes, and so on, others more creativity, calling on the eye and mind to work a little. In this latter regard, I would particularly call attention to Lalie Sorbet’s Song Of Earth pairing, two images which perfectly encompass the unique beauty of the planet on which we walk, the complete encapsulation of nature’s creativeness through the beauty of a flower and that of the human eye itself – the very organ which allows us to see and appreciate nature and beauty.

However, it would be unfair to single one just one artist or one or two pieces of art; the entire exhibition is engaging and rewarding of a visit, and as it opened on May 8th, you likely have the rest of the month in which to do so and appreciate it.

Third Eye Gallery: Songs of Earth – Thus Yootz

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2 thoughts on “Artistic Songs for Earth in Second Life

  1. Thank you, Inara, for dropping in at Third Eye and for writing this beautiful review and photographs in your blog. Viktor Savior (the organizer of Unity Art Expo) and I really appreciate it I am glad you were able to enjoy the visual experience of all the artists who participated. Thank you very much, once again.


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