JadeYu’s A Kind Of in Second Life

Artcare Gallery, January 2023 – JadeYu Fhang, Une Sorte De…

Currently open at Artcare Gallery, the art hub curated and operated by Carelyna, is Une Sorte De… – “A Kind Of…”, by JadeYu Fhang.

JadeYu has a reputation for being one of the most visually evocative artists in Second Life, and her installations often plumb the depths of the human consciousness and psyche (examples: Roots and War, Everywhere and Nowhere and OpeRaAxiEty). She is also perhaps best known for her 3D installations (such as those mentioned above, offering deeply evocative, layered and expressive pieces – which can also be enigmatic when JadeYu sways in that direction. However, she is also a 2D artist, as Une Sorte De… reminds us.

Artcare Gallery, January 2023 – JadeYu Fhang, Une Sorte De…

Provided within a futuristic display space also designed by JadeYu, the exhibition opened on January 19th, 2023, and is presented sans any artist’s notes. However the 18 pieces presented – a mix of colour and greyscale images – combined with the exhibition’s title suggests these are images intended to convey a feeling and / or emotion or a sense of mood.

From the pictorial to the abstract by way of real and faux 3D elements, these are all highly individual works, exhibiting and intensity of image and form that deserve individual interpretation. As such, this is another exhibition for which I’m again not going to overlay with my personal reflections or reactions – I’d rather JadeYu’s work speak directly to you, and so encourage you to pay a visit to Une Sorte De… for yourself.

Artcare Gallery, January 2023 – JadeYu Fhang, Une Sorte De…

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