Cica’s Trolland in Second Life

Cica Ghost, Trolland, December 2022

Cica Ghost is back with a final installation for the year as she presents Trolland, a whimsical and fun setting much in keeping with her more recent installations. It comes, as all Cica’s installations do, with a little quote that helps describe it:

A troll is a class of being in Germanic mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings.

This, plus the title of the installation reveal what it is all about; in this case, a total of three trolls. In this, and given my fondness for Tolkien, I couldn’t help but conjure thoughts of three trolls in particular: Bert Bill and Tom from The Hobbit. Now to be sure, these three individuals have probably done more to give trolls a bad name in the last 100 years than any single other source. Brutish, rude, thieves, uncouth in their lack of manners – and quite partial to human flesh -they are perhaps the worse kind of Troll one might imagine. But in truth, they were born of a standalone story designed to appeal as much to youngsters as adults (The Hobbit was only “retconned”, so to speak, into he broader mythology in subsequent editions, as the likes of The Lord of the Rings were more fully fleshed out for publication), rather than being representative of trolls as a whole.

Cica Ghost, Trolland, December 2022

As such, and in fairness, the creatures depicted in Cica’s installation don’t appear to be drawn from Tolkien’s story either consciously or otherwise; its just something my imagination was bound to dredge up because, as they say – J.R.R. Tolkien is Hobbit-forming (yes, I’m here through the season, folks, get your tickets from the box office!). Perhaps the presence of a camp fire with a cooking pot suspended over it also contributed to setting my imagination off on its little flight of fancy; you might (and probably will!) see things otherwise.

But that is, after all, the beauty and power of art, isn’t it? To call to our imaginations, and entice us on journeys. through their canvas and / or setting.

Cica Ghost, Trolland, December 2022

It cannot be denied that Cica’s Trolls look a lot friendlier than Tolkien’s and any grumpiness that might exude might the result of the landscape where they live. Cut through by deep channels which forced people to meander in their excursions, it may well be fun for explorers, the winding paths leading pat giant mushrooms, strange outcrops which might be rocks or petrified giant plants, some complete with wheels of stone suspended by rope from their arms to for swing-like seats, rock cars and a hidden gift.

But if you’re a troll and simply want to go from A to B to collect something? What might be a fun walk and photo opportunity for humans becomes, perhaps, an annoying chore. So, if these trolls do come off as not being especially helpful as you come across them, remember, you’re just visiting, they live here!

Cica Ghost, Trolland, December 2022

Caught under a mauve sky freckled with white clouds, a haze softening the horizon, Trolland makes for an engaging and fun visit to see out the year.

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