Cloud Galleries in Second Life

Cloud Galleries, November 2022

November 30th, 2022 saw the opening of the latest arts centre within the broader selection of galleries spaces and art walks making up the Corsica South Coasters, a group which includes the NovaOwl Gallery and the South Corsica Art Trail, both of which I’ve written about in these pages, and CK’s Corner.

The new facility is located on a sky platform and is called – appropriately enough – the Cloud Galleries. It has been created by arts patron Owl Dragonash, and offers 10 galleries spaces available for rent use by artists.

Cloud Galleries: Owl Dragonash

For the opening, se were occupied by:

  • Elan (Ineffable Mote) – primarily paintings from the physical world at the time of my visit.
  • Michiel Bechir – Second Life landscapes.
  • Anna Maria (AnnaMaria Lysette) – avatar studies.
  • Prins (Skylog) – images from Second Life.
  • Suzen JueL (JueL Resistance) – physical world art.
  • Pau (Paula Sieberi) –  abstract expressionism.
  • KayLy (Kayly Iali) – animal and pet paintings from the physical world.
  • Jaminda Moon (Jaminda) – Second Life landscapes.
  • Raisa Reimse (RaisaReimse) – Second Life landscapes and images.
  • Owl Dragonash – Second Life landscapes.
Cloud Galleries: Raisa Reimse 

Set within a garden, the gallery units are all built to the same style, offering split-level display space  indoors, and a small outdoor display / sitting space to the rear.

Unit rentals are set at L$100 a week for 50 LI. CasperLet rent boxes are located at the rear of each studio, should one be available. General enquiries on availability and other requirements for using the gallery units should be passed to Owl Dragonash.

Cloud Galleries, November 2022

As a part of the broader Corsica South Coasters, Cloud Galleries can form part of a wider visit to locations in the group, and can be enjoyed alongside group music events and activities. Details of the group and everything going on within it can be found on the Corsica South Coasters website.

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