Time in Tempelhof in Second Life

Tempelhof, November 2022 – click any image for full size

A fair while ago – January 2014, in fact – I dropped into the Full region of Tempelhof and spent time exploring and taking photos. However, I didn’t actually get around to writing about it. So it’s about time I put that to rights.

To be honest, I have no idea if Tempelhof today is under the same management as it was in 2014 – not that this is particularly important, admittedly. However, in its current iteration, the region has been designed by Misty Payne with the region’s group created by Caps Wertmuller. Utilising the Land Capacity bonus available to private Full region, the setting is most easily defined through its About Land description:

Once a highly fashionable coastal resort – now run down and forgotten by the world. Come see what’s left, explore – and pick a home here if you want to be part of our BDSM community – we often have interesting vacancies.
Tempelhof, November 2022

While the comment on the region being home to a “BDSM community” may initially put some off, I’ll just note that this is not in any way overt, and the public aspects of the region can be easily enjoyed.

What we do have is a setting which carries within it shades of World War Two. At the dockside, for example, sits a military Kübelwagen, whilst across the region sits a coastal defence bunker and accompanying blockhouse, sitting diagonally opposite a smaller waterfront area, the entrance to which lies blocked by the carcass of a Kriegsmarine U-boat, whilst two more are moored at the main quayside.

Tempelhof, November 2022

Given the signage on the buildings, it is clear this is somewhere in Germany or along the country’s coast. Perhaps it might be a  part of Berlin’s Westhafen – even if this is in the Mitte borough rather than that of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, as might be suggested by the region’s name; or perhaps it isn’t intended to represent any single place. Whatever the case, it is an atmospheric setting.

The outer sides of the region represent the core of the town, with cobbled streets, running between places of business and manufacturing and a mix residential properties, whilst the bulk of a theatre looks like it may have recently been struck by munitions of some description – although whether bombs or the result of shelling is unclear.

Tempelhof, November 2022

The centre of the region along with the east side is more open and rural in appearance, roads giving way to rutted tracks, houses mixing with trees and fields, ponds and the odd folly or two. The roads and tracks offer the most obvious routes for exploration and wandering – however, do remember that there are private residences scattered across the region, and not all of them might be houses standing in their own grounds so do be cautious about entering the buildings – not all may be open to the public.

Despite the possible wartime nature of the setting, there are multiple signs that life here is continuing as usual: the waterfront café  is still open for business, fishing boats still appear to be plying their trade out of the little port, and the waterfront red light bar remains open for business (or should that be morale?!).

Tempelhof, November 2022

Richly detailed throughout, with plenty of opportunities for photography and exploration, Tempelhof offers a lot to see – and, potential for those so interested – the potential of a place to live.

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3 thoughts on “Time in Tempelhof in Second Life

  1. Tempelhof is a suburb of Berlin and former location of the city’s airport. Thus it’s far removed from the Baltic Sea coast.


    1. I didn’t say – or imply – Berlin was near the Baltic coast. I said the region could be representative of a part of Germany’s coast OR perhaps part of the city’s port, even if the latter is within Mitte borough, despite the region drawing on the Tempelhof name.


  2. Oha – how nice. A very flattering article – thank you so very much.
    And I’m happy you enjoyed your time on our little island – stuck in a time warp and forgotten by the world.

    And yes – still under the same management – since July 2012 🙂
    Just for some clarification: The name derived from that spooky, old airport in Berlin – and that got its name from an ancient subsidiary of the Temple Knights – Tempelhof = yard or court of the Templars.
    The actual location is in the middle of the German Bight – somewhere near Heligoland. A fictional island. Formerly inhabited by fishermen and peasants – Frisians (a German tribe known for being a bit rough and edgy). Then a quaint coastal resort – then taken over by the Kriegsmarine – a hub for the U-Boats, a naval base.
    Well – war is over and oddly enough the island vanished from any maps – the still operational boats only raid for supplies. Some islanders still seem to think the war never ended – therefore they keep a low profile – hoping the bombers and battleships won’t came back.
    As you said – life just goes on – the population now a mix of the natives and people from all over the world stranded on the lovely beaches – actually not missing much and enjoying the nature, the wind, the sea and its waves.
    Our tenants are international and mostly friendly – we love tourists and explorers – so please drop by and take a look – or two 😉

    Again – thank you very much, Inara – I’m happy, a friend pointed me to your blog 🙂


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