Perpetuity, USA in Second Life

Perpetuity, April 2022 – click any image for full size

The last time I visited Camis and Tamara Sierota’s Full region of Perpetuity, it was dressed as elven retreat caught in the snows of winter. Now, with the northern hemisphere welcoming spring, time and the region’s design have moved on, and visitors dropping in will find themselves in a summery touch of Smalltown USA.

A visit commences on the waterfront of a little harbour in the north-east of the region, a place with a couple of wooden piers, a fish market and oyster shop and places to enjoy a glass of beer or a very British custom of fish’n’chips. It’s a location that brought a smile of recognition to my face as moored at the piers lay the Shield Class 2 sailing boat by Burt Artis that helped get me started with sailing in SL and the outboard-powered Shippe and Saille Harbour Master, a dory hulled cruiser I reviewed a couple of years ago.

Perpetuity, April 2022

The harbour fronts a broad surfaced road that encompasses the setting, passing all the way around the coastline and linking the bulk of the land with a small island sitting down to the south-west. This road offers an obvious means of exploring, and those who wish can grab a bike from the rack outside the harbour master’s office and use their pedal extremities to follow it (or if preferred, pull a wearable bike from inventory and do the same).

Taking the road south offers a route past the open beach with its single pier to one side of the road, and a small industrial area with motor garage and warehousing on the other, to where a short incline runs up to the local church and school. Here the road turns to the right to cross the waters on a single-span bridge to reach the aforementioned island and the house that occupies it. However, just before the bridge there’s a junction with a second road which cuts diagonally across the land, again following the sands of a beach that faces the island across the channel.

Perpetuity, April 2022

Go north from the harbour master’s office, and the road quickly turns left to parallel the north beach westwards, passing out of the town before swinging to a more southerly route and past a farm with lands dissected by the road which cuts across the region, before reaching the second bridge crossing to the south-west island.

The farm comprises two large barns, one of which has been converted into a simple home whilst the other interestingly combines its expected role in keeping animals and farm equipment with that of a home-made bar serving pie and cider! A hitching post outside of this barn offers the means to make your way around / through the region on horseback, passing more horses penned in the corral behind the barn.

Perpetuity, April 2022

As with all of the perpetuity builds, this one is packed with a lot of detail; all of the buildings are open to the public and houses, workshops, cabins, and so on have décor and fittings that bring them to life. The school house comes complete with desks and playground, the local church has been neatly converted into a an artist’s studio, the beaches offer numerous places to sit and pass the time, and more can be found in the fields and gardens.

I admit to particularly liking Roady’s, sitting just off the road cutting through the farmlands. It’s a building by DRD I’ve frequently seen in my travels through SL, often taking the form of a generic bar (or equally as often, a record shop). Here it fulfils its stated purpose: a biker’s bar. With machines propped up on their kickstands before it, the Harley Davidson logo emblazoned on an outside wall and its run-down look, there is something oddly appealing about the bar that just further underlines the Smalltown authenticity that exists throughout the build.

Perpetuity, April 2022

There are also touches within this build that hark back to my first visit to Perpetuity in July 2021. There’s the beach pier, one of the barns and a couple of the outdoor seating spots, together with one or two of the vehicles that give a sense of connection between this iteration of the region and the July 2021 version.

As always, Perpetuity offers a lot to see and appreciate during a visit. Those wishing to use props for photography can obtain rezzing right by joining the local group; as auto-return appears to be off, do be sure to clean-up when done. Photos are welcomed in the Perpetuity Flickr group.

Perpetuity, April 2022

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