Relaxing at RockMead in Second Life

RockMead, April 2022 – click any image for full size

Bo and Una Zano (BoZanoNL and UnaMayLi) are back with a new Homestead region offering which is an absolute joy – as one might expect from Bo, who is justifiably held in high regard for his Elvion region designs.

Having opened in March, RockMead offers a wonderfully delightful setting that contains within itself shades of Elvion whilst offering an entire unique environment; a group of islands rich with the sense of spring and summer; a place where horses roam and stags and deer keep an eye on things on land, whilst heron watch over the waters and birds give the air song.

RockMead, April 2022

This is a setting that could easily be wherever the mind cares to fancy, northern or southern hemisphere; although that said, the beaver present within the setting do perhaps suggest this is a place far more in the northern hemisphere than the southern. The islands making up the landscape sit as something of a nested family: one of the two larger isles sits cupped in the arms of the other, a small isle sitting as home to the landing point held gently between them.

The landing point sits tucked into the south-east of the region, leaving the rest of the land spread before the visitor ready to be explored. Little humpbacked bridges span the waters as they divide the the landscape, connecting the dusty trails that cut across the low-lying lands to offer routes for wandering feet. The only man-made exceptions to the stone bridges are a pair of wooden walkways that span the channel splitting the westernmost island from its brethren.

RockMead, April 2022

A long, slim finger of grassland topped by trees, this western isle is the most “private” it terms of its position sitting beyond the widest channel of water and partially hidden from the rest of the region by low hills. To its northern end sits a little sandy area – not a beach per se, but a place secluded enough to offer a little romantic setting at the water’s edge, reached by passing under a natural rocky arch.

At the southern end of this island, the beaver mentioned above are busily creating a dam – one perhaps sufficient enough to cause the waters to spread behind it and offer more of a protected place in which the local geese can swim.

RockMead, April 2022

A single homestead occupies the land, sitting on the large L-shaped island. It is a simple affair, partially ringed by dry stone walls, its rough-hewn frame and walls topped by a roof that has in turn been covered by turf to provide an extra layer of insulation, suggesting this is a place that can get cold in the winter months.

Sheep graze on the grass in front of the cottage, whilst from its overhanging front eaves it offers a view across the last of the islands, a place set out for horse grazing and marked by a single ruin; that of a former brick-built house that now sits at the edge of slowly-encroaching waters, the fence alongside it already partially submerged.

RockMead, April 2022

Pastoral in tone, RockMead is a place where the beauty runs large and small; from the overall design of the region through to the little birds waiting to be found here and there. Horses roam their field and take the occasional nap; geese swim the waters and pass overhead, whilst at least one familiar little character from the Elvion builds is watching over the landing point. It is a setting that is genuinely relaxing in look and feel, neatly rounded out by an engaging sound scape.

Another superb build from Bo and Una, and one that should be savoured by all, Those wishing to rez props for photography can join the local Group in order to do so – but please remember to clean up if you do.

RockMead, April 2022

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