Alexa’s personal view of Second Life

The Antiquorum Art Gallery: Alexa Wulfe – Landscapes – My Personal View

The Antiquorum Art Gallery is a relatively new gallery space which has been created within Patch Thibaud’s stunning Hanging Gardens region build (which I visited and blogged about in January 2022 – see Patch Thibaud’s Hanging Gardens in Second Life).

Spread across two levels in the south-west corner of the main structure, the gallery space is a blend of the antiquarian architecture of the core build mixed with modern glass-and-steel elements to present a space that is both enclosed enough so as not to impinge on the sense of history found within the rest of the build, but also in and of itself carries a sense of being light, airy and free from any sense of being confined within the larger build.

The Antiquorum Art Gallery: Alexa Wulfe – Landscapes – My Personal View

The aim of the gallery is to to work alongside the ballroom and other facilities found within the Hanging Gardens to provide a “home for some of the best artists in the grid to show their work, together with a very exclusive cultural programme of concerts and cultural events”, and April 2nd, 2022 saw the opening of Landscapes – My Personal View, by Alexa Wulfe (Alexa Bouras).

Supported by Mistero Hifeng’s familiar sculptures, the exhibition presents some 24 images by Alexa spread across the gallery’s two levels. As the name suggests, this is a very personal view of Second Life, one seen through the eyes of the artist-observer, offering unique views of our digital realm. Most of which have been post-processed with the aim of presenting them as paintings (primarily watercolours, although a couple have the heavier sense of oil about them whilst others offer a finish suggestive of having been drawn.

The Antiquorum Art Gallery: Alexa Wulfe – Landscapes – My Personal View

However, the one thing all of them have in common is the fact that they have been beautifully executed to offer richly engaging views of Second Life that cannot fail to capture and hold the eye and the imagination. With them, we can voyage through several of SL’s popular public regions and see them as Alexa viewed them in her travels, the colours and finish of each allowing us insight into Alexa’s sense of her subjects and the tales they may have formed in her imagination.

For me, the exhibition was a superb introduction to another highly talented Second Life photographer, and I look forward to seeking out more of Alexa’s work in-world – and also to visiting more exhibits to The Antiquorum Art Gallery.

The Antiquorum Art Gallery: Alexa Wulfe – Landscapes – My Personal View

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