A Soft Melody in Second Life

Soft Melody, February 2022 – click any image for full size

Bambi (NorahBrent), is known both for her Oh Deer brand, and for her Melody region designs – Missing Melody (see here and here) and Longing Melody and, most recently, a little corner of Second Life called Soft Melody.

Sitting on a sky platform over Longing Melody (which I wrote about in Visiting Longing Melody in Second Life), this is place very different to the setting on the ground, carrying as it does more of an Oriental touch and style.

An Island Hidden in the sky.
As you will walk down the alley the blossom scent will lift you. The soft warm wind will hug you so very gently. The chimes will guide you and the cats? Well the cats will ignore you because they are still cats after all…

– Soft Melody About Land

Soft Melody, February 2022

This is a small setting, perfect for photography, at first appearing to be little more that two alleys such as might be found within a corner of a town in Japan, lined by buildings so as to form a ravine-like feel. Some of the buildings are furnished, others are empty. However, first appearances can be deceptive; there’s a lot to take in, much of it watched over by the local cats.

There is for example, the little stall at the crossroads landing point, whilst down one of the alleys sits a little teahouse / restaurant. Find your way into one of the empty houses, and you may find a door to where an external stairway leads to the upper floor and a ladder from there to a little rooftop space, one offering a little escape from the world. Across the alley from it sits another rooftop spot, this one the home of an artist’s studio.

Soft Melody, February 2022

Climb the steps rising one of the one of the alleys and you’ll come to a bridge crossing a nullah and leading to a garden space where Japanese and Chinese themes meld through the presence of Torii gates and panda bears; a further retreat that also includes rabbits and little bouncing balloons.

Rich in sakara blossom and with further little secrets awaiting discovery – look out on the water for some and under the hills for others –  this is a place that is easy to visit and appreciate, all of which makes Soft Melody as an inviting a location to explore as both Missing Melody and Longing Melody.

Soft Melody, February 2022

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