Blip’s images of Skrunda in Second Life

Art Korner: Blip Mumfuzz – Images of Skrunda

Update, June 27th, 2022: Art Korner has Closed.

In 2021 Titus Palmira, Sofie Janic and Megan Prumier opened a region build called Skrunda-2, an interpretation of a deserted Soviet-era military base and town built by Russia in Latvia during the 1960s for the operation of their Destnr early warning radar system, before eventually abandoning it in the 1990s.

It was a popular build, attracting photographers and bloggers alike (see Skrunda-2 an atmospheric slice of Soviet history in Second Life), as did its successor (see; Skrunda: the returning in Second Life). One of the latter is Blip Mumfuzz, an artist / photographer with a gifted eye and an ability to create images that are so natural in angle and composition, they sit as scenes we might naturally sport for ourselves when visiting a place – as she richly demonstrates with Images of Skrunda, now open at Frank Atisso’s, Art Korner.

Art Korner: Blip Mumfuzz – Images of Skrunda

Set within an environment suggestive of a deserted town with slab-like blocks rising from all sides that stand as reminders of the blockhouse-like bulk of the great apartment buildings of Skrunda, and surrounded by ruins the offer a further echo of their study, these are genuinely remarkable images. Through a considered use of focal length, focus, and angle, Blip presents pieces that are so life-like in composition they might actually have been taken within the aged, deserted remnants of Skrunda itself, whilst they also offer a unique sense of place and time entirely of their own.

Take Skrunda Drone, for example: it is hard to to imagine one is looking out from a high vantage point across a run-down corner of a township. Meanwhile, it is hard not to look at Skrunda Dream and not feel one can walk into it and take a peek through the open door or climb the rusting steps up to the gangways above, and onwards among the gantries and tanks; similarly, Skrunda-3 12 gives the impression one can hop onto the old rails and walk along them, following the railcar that appears to be vanishing around the bend in the tracks that sits between graffiti-painted buildings.

Art Korner: Blip Mumfuzz – Images of Skrunda

This is another genuinely engaging collection from a gifted photographer and storyteller that helps to recall a genuinely engaging Second Life region build.

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