Terrygold’s mountain winter in Second Life

Eccapaiari Mountains , November 2021 – click any image for full-size

We’re getting to the time of year when Second Life tends to be awash with winter / Christmas / end-of-year themed regions, all rich with snow and winter wonderland settings to tromp through and enjoy.

One such place that recently opened as a winter’s setting is that of Eccapaiari Mountains, a charming quarter-region design by Terrygold, located on the ground level of the Solo Arte parcel, where it replaces her earlier Osta Nimosa setting (see: Resting in Osta Nimosa in Second life). As with that setting, this snowy design is easy on the eye, but offers plenty to see whilst forming an ideal backdrop for photography.

Eccapaiari Mountains , November 2021

From the landing point, a cart track winds its way around the edge of the parcel, high cliffs to one side, rough lowland to the other spotted by trees, shrubs and bird houses, all of them – cliffs, rocks, bare ground, flora and bird houses  – brushed over with snow, which also frosts the shrubs and plants bordering the track.  As the this track curves to follow the base of the cliffs, so the land to its right opens out to reveal a broad lake, its water frozen into stillness.

As the land opens, so too do buildings come into view: a small chapel and outhouses for a farm, the track splitting before reaching them, one arm following the edge of the lake, the other curling back on itself to pass by the outhouses and reach the low-slung farmhouse, its roof heavy in an insulating blanket of snow. A small summer house sits across the trail from the farmhouse, its interior heated by a wood-burning stove, with both farmhouse and summerhouse thus offering cosy retreats from the snow for those who seek them.

Eccapaiari Mountains , November 2021

The lake offers the opportunity for skating – there is a skate giver sign on the edge of the ice as the track loops around a rocky outcrop to bring its two arms back together into a single path. Here, sitting outdoors, visitors can enjoy a hot glass of mulled wine  or, if skates aren’t to their linking, rez a sled from a second sign and scoot their way around the ice.

Beyond the little hut serving the hot drinks, steps climb up to a small viewing point looking out over the off-region elements of the setting. Those who are so minded might find the dance system as well, sitting in the lee of the tree that also helps shade the little hut, while across the ice a love seat sits within a little wooden shelter where couples might cosy up together.

Eccapaiari Mountains , November 2021

Rounded out by an outdoor fire pit with chairs awaiting those who wish to use them, and the a large sled that also offers single sits and couples cuddles, Eccapaiari Mountains is hardly going to tax anyone’s viewer and is nicely finished with a suitable soundscape. For photographers, the local EEP setting are fine, although for the images here, I opted to use one of my personal settings, which I hope gives a sense

My thanks to Terrygold for the invite to visit!

Eccapaiari Mountains , November 2021

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