A Daydream Believer in Second Life

Daydream Believer, November 2021

With Halloween now behind us, many in Second Life will be looking towards US Thanksgiving as it sits waiting at the end November 2021. However, being from Europe, Janna Reed (Janna Blackwood) has understandably decided to skip over that particular event and jump straight into an end-of-year winter setting within her Homestead region.

Daydreamer Believer is an easy-going and understated setting where winter has draped a blanket of snow over the landscape as it sits cupped in the protective hands of surrounding peaks. With broad lowlands that are marked by scattered trees, a small cottage, and cut through by a frozen inlet, the island is marked by two tall hills towards its centre, each neatly sliced into a flat top. Each is also topped by a single structure – an old wooden lighthouse on one, and an almost fairy tale-like tower where Christmas presents are piled within the lower halls and a cosy bed awaits on the upper.

Daydream Believer, November 2021 – click any image for full size

The two hilltops are connected via a bridge that offers its own sense of fantasy, being held aloft by balloons. Whilst it crosses the gap from one hilltop to the other, and sits just outside the door to the tower, the bridge doesn’t provide direct access to the lighthouse on its far side. This sits elevated above bridge and path on a heel of almost completely vertical rock. However, the path from the bridge does provide access to a high cavern and a possible escape from the snow – although it is not without its own surprise.

Running from west to east, the inlet that cuts deeply into the island in a small band of land that prevents it from entirely cutting the land in two. This humpbacked band forms the backdrop for the region’s landing point as it sits on the frozen water. Close by is the first clue to this being something of an interactive environment: a skating stand for couples awaits those who wish to use it. Those visiting on their own can also join the fun via a skate giver located close by, between frozen inlet and a small staking rink. Group membership is required for the skates, but also gives rez rights; however, if you have your own, you can of course wear them.

Daydream Believer, November 2021

A short walk south and west from the landing point and rink, the land rises slightly in the lee of the central hills. Here, two snow forts face one another across the snowy ground, each complete with a snowball-firing canon, allowing for fun and games to be had. Both could do with sitting a little better on the ground, but can be used by sitting on them and then following the the instructions in local chat. As well is these forts and the skating, the region also offers opportunities for riding either via horse (there is a rezzer at the cottage) or polar bear, a number of which can be found around the region.

Given this is a winter setting, Daydream Believer would not be complete without some form of winter sports, and those exploring the region can find a couple of options available to them. The first is a snowboard rezzer waiting at the far end of the ski lifts that connects two low-lying hills tucked into the north-east corner of the region, whilst the second – a sledge rezzer – sits on the snowy plain separating the ski lift’s hills from their much higher brethren. Finally, for those who fancy an airborne look at the region, a bubble rezzer can be found close to the one for snowboards.

Daydream Believer, November 2021

Also awaiting discovery are numerous places to sit, both indoors (the cottage and hilltop tower are open to the public) and out, most with singles and couples options.  Those seeking respite from the slowly falling snow are best heading for the cottage or the open-sided pavilion, each of which has a roaring fire  that allows toes suffering from walking the snows to be comfortably toasted back to warmth.  Even so, the snow might not be entirely left behind as flurries are close enough to the cottage they cab slightly slide inside as their mesh element turns. Said snow can also interfere with sitting in places, so be sure to cam carefully.

With deer, foxes, and penguins waiting to be found, the region offers plenty of wildlife to see, broadening opportunities for photography. As noted, those joining the local group also get rezzing rights for props etc., – but (as always) a gentle reminder to make sure you pick bits up when done!

Daydream Believer, November 2021

Gentle, relaxing and with a taste of winter that is not Christmas-heavy, Daydream Believer makes for an easy-going visit. With thanks to Shawn Shakespeare for the LM.

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