49 for Art in Second Life

All4Art, October 20221 (l to r): Haveit Neox (3D), Agleo Runningbear, Clive Dillingham, Harry Cover (3D), Sandi Benelli

Carelyna’s All 4 Art Gallery is currently hosting an untitled ensemble exhibition designed to showcase the work of those artists who have exhibited at the gallery during the 2019 and 2020 seasons. As such, it presents 2D and 3D pieces from an incredible 49 individual artists – probably the largest exhibition of art I’ve seen in Second Life gathered under a single roof.

Such is the range of art on offer, this exhibition presents an excellent opportunity by which those curious about art in Second Life but who might not be overly familiar as to how broad a subject it is, can dip their toes in the the water by hopping along and simply appreciating all that is on display. Similarly, for those who might be more familiar with art in Second life, it is perhaps an opportunity to gain an introduction to some artists who may not be as familiar as others, and to appreciate individual styles. And with the majority of the pieces offered at L$0, the exhibition also presents the means for people to start collections for their private enjoyment.

All4Art, October 2021 (l to r): Mareea Farrasco, Eva Edinburrough

I generally try to avoid listing participating artists in so large an ensemble, as doing so too easily comes over as a litany of names to take up a word-count. But the range of art offered within this exhibition is extraordinary, so it is  – without any favouritism at all intended – worth mentioning some in terms of the genres one can find within the gallery.

So, for example, from the world of Second Life landscapes there are piece by Carelyna herself, Carisa Franizzi, Mareea Farrasco and RoseHanry, whilst among the digital art on display one can find works by Isabel Hermano, Mentat Immelman,and Etamae, whilst 3D artists are represented by the likes of Pol jarvinen, Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench) and Haveit Neox, and physical world art is presented by pieces from JudiLynn India, Zia Branner, and April (agleo Runningbear). And all of this barely scratches at a list that also includes Thus Yootz, Mara Telling, Bamboo Barnes, Moya, and more, further presenting opportunities for artistic discovery.

All4Art, October 20221: Isabel Hermano (r foreground), Carisa Franizzi, Leonorah Beverly, Metukah (rear, l to r)

Given the exhibition does present so many artists – each of whom is represented by at least one piece on display –  the range of styles and approaches to the works present and in their subject matter is equally as broad. However, walking through the halls of the gallery (or more correctly, flycamming, as is my wont!), I was struck by the lack of avatar-centric studies. Yes, there are a couple, and there are also some pieces in which avatars are present – but they are not necessarily the central element within those pieces.

I offer this observation not as a complaint, but rather to underline what has perhaps been a careful consideration in curating this exhibit, because – and being perfectly blunt – when included in ensemble exhibitions, avatar studies can be so powerful (and often large) in form, then simply overwhelm the rest of an exhibition; we tend yo be intrinsically drawn to them and spend (in comparison to other pieces that may be on display) an inordinate amount of time studying them. However, within this All4Art exhibition there is no such lop-sidedness in how our attention is focused; rather, this is an exhibition where the eye can easily flow from picture to picture, giving each an equal measure of consideration in accordance with our eyes and preference.

All4Art, October 2021: 2D art by Mentat Immelmann stand either side of a 3D piece by Pol jarvinen

Rich in contrasts and content, offered in a gallery space that offers the room in which they can be appreciated, this is an exhibition to be savoured.

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