Getting some Fresh Air in Second Life

Fresh Air, Valium SL, October 2021 – click any image for full size

Please note, this is an article about a region open only to members of the [Valium] group (membership fee: L$395, with rezzing rights) for the foreseeable future. The group can be joined in-world by visiting Seiiki (ValiumSL 1, rated Moderate), or through region holder Vally’s (Valium Lavender)  profile.

Vally (Valium Lavender) recently extended an invitation for me to visit the latest Valium SL region design, Fresh Air, as it was in the process of opening for group members. It took me a few days to get to the point of being able to take her up on the offer, but as usual, found my visit more than worth the effort.

Fresh Air, Valium SL, October 2021

At a time when many regions across Second Life are decorated for Halloween, Vally has decided to jump past that temptation and land directly on a winter setting – and it is good to see her once again laying out her own designs. It sites surrounded by snowy mountains, apparently rising from a frozen lake on a low island; or perhaps it is simply a humpback hill pushing itself above snow-covered grasslands that flow through the mountains from prairies on either side – although the presence of a rowing boat filled with blankets does perhaps suggest water may be present when the temperature isn’t so low and the snow not blanketing the ground.

But, whichever is the case, the setting presents a gentle, circular rise of land topped by blocks of rock and a number of cabins, out-houses and other structures sitting among fir trees. The buildings vie with the frosted rocks and places where the snow can gather above the surrounding lands. Within this setting, the landing point sits towards the north-east corner, just outside of a cabin converted into a little coffee house.

Fresh Air, Valium SL, October 2021

With cold skies overhead, the snow and the sound of a steady wind, the coffee house with its warm fireplace can easily become an immediate port of call. However, it sits at the end of an icy track that also invites people to walk along and visit the nearby cabins or cross to the large ice rink gazebo that sits nearby. Exactly where you opt to wander, however, is entirely up to you, as the region is easy to explore on foot or – if you prefer, by adding a wearable horse, should you have one in your inventory and prefer that method of transport.

Fresh Air, Valium SL, October 2021

I’m not going to go into a long description of the region and what is waiting to be found; suffice it to say it is a charming winter – *not* Christmas – setting, with a lot a lot of detail both indoors and out. The cabins are all nicely furnished and give a feeling of home, there are swings and benches and more scattered about than encourage sitting outside. This is also a place popular with both dogs and reindeer while birds can be heard in the trees.

Given all that is set out and the fact that rezzing is permitted to group members, there are plenty of opportunities for photography – although in places the mesh snow that is falling can make placing items awkward, together with sitting on some of the various items that may be under the falling snow region, so careful camming can be required when trying to place items or sit. However, this doesn’t detract from the overall genteel beauty of the region or prevent it from being a worthwhile visit.

Fresh Air, Valium SL, October 2021

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Please remember, region access requires group membership (L$395).