A Forest of Mystical Dreams in Second Life

The Forest of Mystical Dreams, September 2021 – click any image for full size

It’s funny how sometimes the mind sometimes plays tricks on you. I tend to have a pretty good ability to mentally file away the things I write about and pull them back out of the murky depths of my memory as needed without the need to run searches and the likes through the pages and posts of this blog.

I mention this because in coming across a Landmark for The Forest of Mystical Dreams, part of my mind initially responded with a, “Yep! blogged!” and the LM was filed in Inventory. Only the underpinning region name  – Spiked dAlliez – kept gnawing at me, and after looking through notes and posts I realised I was wrong – The Forest of Magical Dreams isn’t somewhere I’d written about. So either my mind played a little trick – or age is finally catching up with me, and the mind is starting to slip! Either way, the fact that I haven’t previously documented the setting gave me cause to hop over and have a wander.

The Forest of Mystical Dreams

Occupying a Full private region that leverages the additional Land Capacity bonus, the Forest of Mystical Dreams offers an eclectic mix of terms in its About Land description, ranging from fantasy – elves, mermaids, etc., through to the distinctly adult-oriented (D/s BDSM), the latter of which might put some off a visit, although I would hasten to add that if it is present in the setting, it is by no means overt. It is also a place that is not child avatar friendly,  possibly as a result of the adult themes (if present), so I’ll point that out up front. All that said, the description for the region found on the Profile for the region’s holder and principal designer, Jen Volodar Dorran (Jennifer Beverly) is far more reflective of the regions true nature:

This Forest is many moons old now . This forest is what my RL vision of “Romance” is.. there is love , and care , my thoughts and dreams and ideas on this sim as it is my canvas to do anything my heart can come up with .. this forest is every changing small spots but always something new to enjoy.
Thank you for enjoying my Romantic Dream ♥
The Forest of Mystical Dreams

This description opens the door to a setting that is caught beneath a twilight sky (under which it should be seen for the best impressions, which I hope the photos herein are indicative of. To describe the region would in some ways be a waste of time; the care put into creating the atmosphere found within it should be experienced, rather than seen. Wandering the trails and climbing the steps and stairs to be found within the setting, I kept expecting to hear elements of Howard’s Shore’s music for The lords of the Rings Trilogy or come across Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel, such is the sense of fantasy woven into the region.

The Forest of Mystical Dreams

Surrounded by off-region hills, this is a place that extended upwards from the ground level to high plateaus and even island floating amongst its clouds, and which plunges under the surface of its waters to offer the havens for merfolk promised in its description.

At the time of my visit, a large new pavilion was under construction on one of the plateaux, but otherwise the region was wide open to exploration, with paths meandering under the rich canopy of trees and passing over the waters cutting through the land via bridges of wood and stone.

The Forest of Mystical Dreams

Lit by glowing stones and plants dotting with firefly-like lights, or which glow with their own natural luminescence and are frequently marked by circling spirit-like sprites, the paths offer the best way to explore, linking-up all of the regions spaces and places of interest, revealing along the way the rich vein of music, dancing and romance that is promised in Jen’s description of the region. The paths will also bring to light the region’s variety wildlife, whiles a climb up into the hills can bring you to settings that vary in form from distinctly Tolkien-elvish is style through to more fairy-tale in form (you also might want to check under some of the rocky plateaus as well!).

But as noted, this is a region that should be seen, rather than described in words, and so to that end, I’m going to round out this piece with a couple more images and the SLurl details once more!

The Forest of Mystical Dreams
The Forest of Mystical Dreams

SLurl Details




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