Nelipot’s autumn peace in Second Life

Nelipot, September 2021

It was back to Nelipot for me this week, after Shawn Shakespeare (SkinnyNilla) informed me he and Lien (Lien Lowe) had redressed their region for autumn.

This time forming a cluster of islands of varying sizes, the region continues to offer a delightfully rural setting, the islands linked by bridges to make moving between them easier.

Nelipot, September 2021

Once again Lien and Shawn have created a uniquely attractive setting, offering much to see. However, it also contains elements that help link it to past iterations of Nelipot and builds Shawn has created, giving it that thread of continuity that I do like finding within regions as they develop and change.

In this case, Nelipot once again features a windmill, one that carried me back to 2016, and The Mill, the first setting by Shawn I ever visited, and which offered me an opportunity to test one of the 360° panoramic camera HUDs that have been available on the SL Marketplace. Also to be found is the little “home-made” racing car that has been a frequent touch for Shawn’s region settings; and while a tram now sits on the lengths of railways lines, it nevertheless presented echoes of a past iteration of Nelipot itself that had a train sitting on the rails.

Nelipot, September 2021

The landing point sits to the west of the region, on one of the smaller of the islands, a place that is little more than a table of rock poking its head above waters laden with fallen leaves. A single bridge reaches the nearest neighbouring island to the south, starting an anti-clockwise route around the outer islands, and a way to reach the centre isle.

Along the way, this route around the outer islands will take visitors through a little farm-like setting with fenced meadow, cabin and a little thatched barn, then onwards to where the windmill.

Nelipot, September 2021

The latter sits on a spur of land that forms part of the largest island, open water to one side and a fast-flowing stream that falls from the island’s hills to reach the open sea, the headland beyond the windmill offering a place for sheep to graze. A choice of routes for exploration open from the windmill and its little wine cellar like setting with its gazebo and outdoor café.

One of these paths leads up and over the hills, the second along a board walk raised on stilts reaching around the rocky foot of one of the hills to winds its way onwards to where it re-joins the landward path as it continues over the island. A high deck awaits those who follow the board walk, again built out over the water, a smaller deck for mooring boast below it, home to the terminus of a zipline that reaches across the channel of water diving the large island from the the central isle.

Nelipot, September 2021

Forming a low hump, this middle island is home to a large forest cabin – well, a cabin that is large in comparison to the cabin and barn to the south. Cosily furnished, it straddles the brow of the hill to offer a welcoming retreat, the zipline sitting alongside it. To the west, the island is low-lying, a tongue of land that points to the smallest island in the group, and presents a rough bridge by which to reach it. This little isle, little more than circle of rock and grass that may have at one time been subject to flooding given the tumbledown hut that sits on its own rough wooden platform that has seen better days.

Nelipot, September 2021

Throughout all of this is a wealth of detail awaiting discovery, from the wildlife to the the vehicles and passing by way of the campsite at the landing point (with its art-appreciating cat!), to the swings and decks and more. All of this – quite obviously – makes this latest iteration of Nelipot highly photogenic, as well as offering a quiet, gentle retreat for people to take a little rest within.

But rather than wibble on about this, I’ll leave you with images and encourage you to pay a visit for yourself.

Nelipot, September 2021

SLurl Details

  • Nelipot (Safe Haven, rated Moderate)

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